Vail takes a trip to the Big Apple |

Vail takes a trip to the Big Apple

Carolyn Pope
The gang from Vail.

NEW YORK – Although the pre-eminent feature of Vail has always been its superb skiing, its reputation for summer activities is going and growing strong.Growth, however, is much more efficient with the right combination of water and fertilizer.

That being said, a group of Vailites headed to the Big Apple recently to brag about what we have to offer during the summer. The event started at the beautiful Modern – the restaurant affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art – where the Vail contingent schmoozed with the press and chatted up the valley’s more refined summer activities, such as the Bravo! music festival, concerts by the New York Philharmonic and The International Dance Festival. The Vailites also played up the resort’s spectacular wedding facilities.

“We’re introducing the press to our high-end culture and our summer lifestyle offerings that exemplify our world-class destination,” said Pat Peeples of Peeples Ink, a public relations firm. “The cocktail reception is geared toward our mountain lifestyle and events that keep locals buzzing all summer long.”The scoop among those who spend the entire year in Vail is becoming a not-so-well-kept secret. Even when the powder is fresh, the hint of a warm summer breeze isn’t deeply buried in the winter chill.It’s on the lips of almost every local: “We came for the winter; we stay for the summer.”

Several guests represented the New York Philharmonic, headliner of Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, including President and Executive Director Zarin Mehta and Bravo! Artistic Director Eugenia Zukerman. “We had 61,000 attendees to Bravo! in 2005,” Zukerman said. “We’ll have the New York Philharmonic in the center of the country. People asked, ‘Who will come? Who will know the difference?’

“That’s easy,” Zukerman added. “They will come, and they will know the difference.”The evening wrapped up with a public relations tour at SAPA, one of the hot spots where the young and chic hang out to see and be seen. Of course, the people that were being plied there were of a hipper nature.

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The New Yorkers, as stiff and stoic as they sometimes seem, were easily wooed into the idea of spending more time in our valley and enjoying the pace and lifestyle we love so much.Vail, Colorado

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