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Vail Tech Bytes: Organizing your tweets and tweeters

Jessie WIlliams
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VAIL, Colorado –The past few weeks we’ve been going over the various aspects and features of Twitter, so this week we’re going to wrap up the Twitter series and talk about lists, favorites and how to connect your account to other social media sites and mobile devices. If you want to review any of the other articles, check out, or follow me on Twitter @2ndoctobermedia.

One of the features I’ve found most helpful about Twitter is the ability to create lists. Lists allow you to segment the users you’re following into groups. For example, I recently noticed that a lot of the people I had chosen to follow fell into one of four different categories: Vail-area businesses, skiing resorts and information sources, news outlets and pro cycling teams and riders. So, what I did was set up a list for each of those groups, which now allows me to filter tweets by list groups.

It’s easy to create a list on Twitter from your homepage. In the right-hand column, you’ll see a header called “Lists.” When you click on “new list,” you’ll be asked to choose a name and short description (which is optional). You can also choose if you want other users to be able to subscribe to your list, or if you want to keep it private.

Now, add users to your list by doing a search, or by going to your “following” page. Next to a user’s ID, you’ll see an “action” button for lists, which allows you to select the list (or lists) you want to add the user to. Once you’ve added people to your list, you can now view all of the recent tweets from those members by clicking on your new list name in the right column. All of my lists are public, so check them out at, /skiing, /cycling or /vail.

Along a similar line, you can create a grouping of all of your favorite tweets so you can go back to them at a later time. If you come across a tweet that is just too good to forget, you can save it to your favorites by clicking on the star-shaped icon that appears in the upper-right corner of a tweet when hovered over. To review these saved tweets, go to your favorites page (located in the right-hand column of your home page). You can also view other user’s favorites (as long as the original tweet has public viewing settings).

Another interesting Twitter feature is the ability to tweet your location. If you’d like other people to know where you are, you can turn on the location feature within your Twitter account (it’s turned off by default). I won’t go into all the details here, but wanted to let you know this is available, especially to mobile users out and about. As always, be careful about how much information you give out and who can see it.

If you’re worried about using Twitter because it’s just one more thing you have to remember to update, never fear, as it’s possible to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account, so a post on one site shows up on the other. You can do this either by adding a Facebook widget through Twitter, or from your Facebook settings. You can also add widgets to your Web sites to automatically push your tweets to other sites.

There’s also a number of applications available for both your computer and mobile phone that can help your better manage all of your social media accounts. Applications like TweetDeck, let you post one status update to multiple accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn all at once.

There are also many mobile apps available to help keep you updated with your Twitter account on the go. Personally, I’m a fan on Echofon, a free iPhone app that lets me view my account even when I’m away from my computer.

And finally, as with any social media application, be sure to check out all the different privacy options in the settings menu, and make sure that you are comfortable with how everything is set.

Jessie Williams is the owner of Second October Media,, a Web development and graphic design firm in Edwards. Follow her on Twitter at 2ndoctobermedia or e-mail her at

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