Vail to ask voters for charter changes |

Vail to ask voters for charter changes

VAIL, Colorado – The Vail Town Council will probably ask voters this fall to make some changes in the town charter.

The several proposed changes range from fairly small to somewhat important. Here’s a look at what’s will probably be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

• Question 1 would change all masculine pronouns to gender neutral language.

• Question 2 would align the town’s election day with the state’s. The town now sometimes has a different November election day because of current charter language.

• Question 3 would eliminate the town’s election commission, due to changes in federal and state election laws.

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• Question 4 would change the procedure for citizen-generated initiatives and referenda. The change would use state law instead of charter language.

• Question 5 would formally unite the town’s “planning” and “environmental” commissions into one board. That change would reflect reality, since the two boards have for decades met as one group.

• Question 6 is still under some debate. Most people in Vail have for some time believed the charter establishes a ratio of sales tax spending between capital projects and the general fund. After some research, town attorney Matt Mire couldn’t find that language.

That led to a proposed ballot question to put the capital/general fund split into the charter. But discussion at the group’s Aug. 21 meeting showed council members leaning toward establishing that ratio by ordinance, which can be changed by future councils without sending the question to voters.

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