Vail to discuss recycling rebates |

Vail to discuss recycling rebates

VAIL — A rebate and incentive program that will accompany implementation of the town’s new community recycling regulations will be reviewed by the Vail Town Council at this Tuesday’s evening meeting. Presentation of the program will be included as part of the town manager’s report, which is listed third on the meeting agenda, which begins at 6 p.m. in the Vail Town Council chambers.

In approving the recycling ordinance earlier this spring, council members directed the staff to develop a rebate and incentive program to accompany the new regulations to ease the transition for residents and businesses. The ordinance is to be implemented in phases beginning with an education program to help customers learn about the requirements and use of wildlife-resistant containers for recyclables.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the council will review components of the incentive plan that will offer residential customers a one-time rebate of $100 to help offset the cost of a wildlife-resistant container. The rebate will be available on a first-come first-served basis for 1,250 customers totaling $125,000, available for 90 days or until the funds are used, whichever comes first, at which time the council would determine if additional funding is required.

Commercial Rebate Program

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A commercial customer rebate program has also been developed in which businesses may be eligible for up to $750 for new recycling services. Businesses would be offered up to $500 for hauling fees up to 50 percent of one’s year’s worth of bills. Plus, they would be eligible for up to 75 percent of start-up costs, such as bins and signs, up to $250. The commercial rebate would be available for 90 days, or until funds have been dispersed, with a cap of $75,000.

As proposed, the council would allocate $200,000 toward the residential and commercial rebate program with any unused funds to be used to supplement an education and outreach campaign which will be launched to alert customers of the pending requirements.

For more information about the community recycling ordinance, go to http://www.vail

To comment about the proposed rebate program in advance of the meeting, contact the Vail Town Council at

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