Vail to discuss the ‘renewal’ of Gore Creek Promenade |

Vail to discuss the ‘renewal’ of Gore Creek Promenade

The highly-trafficked park could see a full renovation by the summer of 2024

The Gore Creek Promenade, located in the center of Vail Village, is in need of improvements.
Town of Vail/Courtesy Photo

After nearly 30 years, Vail’s Gore Creek Promenade is due for a refresh.

And, following a round of public input, the Vail Town Council will be taking a look at what this renovation could entail at its Tuesday, Feb. 7 meeting.

The promenade is one of the town’s most trafficked parks, located in the center of Vail Village. Surrounded by retail stores, art galleries, a hotel and restaurants, the park also nestles up to Gore Creek’s south bank.

However, according to a memo in the Feb. 7 packet, the area hasn’t been majorly renovated for nearly three decades, during which time the town has seen significant increases in visitation, population and year-round events.  

“The existing features of the Promenade are showing significant wear and tear that has become more and more difficult to maintain at a high level of quality,” reads the memo.

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Specifically, the packet lists the area’s most significant deficiencies as the quality of turf at its east end — which it reports maintenance crews have “difficulty sustaining the grass” — as well as stream bank erosion, limited seating and gathering options, lack of access to those with limited mobility or disabilities, and the width of the paver walkway.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Town Council will hear a presentation on the project’s overall goal and objectives. To get to this point, however, the town engaged in a public input process with two surveys distributed to Vail residents, second homeowners, business owners and employees as well as to the broader Eagle County community and guests.

According to the packet, the overall sentiment from the nearly 200 responses was that the promenade “does not need a major overhaul.”

Generally speaking, the respondents demonstrated recognition of its need for improvements, including more visual and physical interactions with the creek, more and varied seating options, preservation of its natural feel and more.

Additionally, while a majority of respondents supported formalizing and improving the connection between the promenade and Covered Bridge along the creek, it’s a connection not supported by the property owners this path would go through. Looking for opportunities to work with these property owners is a goal of the project moving forward.  

Leveraging this feedback, the project has ten objectives with the overall goal of preserving the promenade’s character while addressing design and maintenance deficiencies.

These objectives include establishing a turf management program, protecting the existing trees and riparian vegetation, increasing seating options, improving access for everyone to access the park, improving and finding opportunities for more special events and art activations, evaluating the fire pit and more.

So far, the town has budgeted a total of $425,000 for the project —$370,000 in 2022 and $55,000 in 2023. Currently, the project is scheduled for completion sometime in June 2024, with some construction beginning this fall.

At its Tuesday, Feb. 7 meeting, Vail Town Council will review and provide input on the project’s objectives and schedule. Following council input, the town will begin the design process and is aiming to get the necessary approvals by June 2023.

To watch, attend or participate in Tuesday’s Vail Town Council meeting, visit The meetings take place at Vail’s Municipal Building (75 South Frontage Road) and are streamed online via Zoom, High Five Media and the town’s Facebook page.

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