Vail Today: Birds of a feather squawk together at Ride of the Penguins (video) |

Vail Today: Birds of a feather squawk together at Ride of the Penguins (video)

Krista Driscoll |

VAIL — The Ride of the Penguins began nearly a decade ago with a conversation on a chair lift and has since become an annual excuse for friends from near and far to come together, don the traditional black and white and tear up the mountain.


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This year’s event, which was held Monday, March 6, attracted birds from as far away as Massachusetts and New York to squawk and chase powder laps on Vail Mountain.

“It’s just a fun group, a lot of people are traveling in from out of state,” said organizer Jody Petit. “We’re starting to use this as a little Vail reunion for those of us who lived in the valley for a long time who have moved on to other ski towns or cities.”

Penguins are encouraged to ski for a charity of their choice, which this year included Protect Our Winters, National Park Foundation, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, among others. It’s a cause for all causes, just because.

“We don’t have one set charity due to the eclectic-ness of all of us,” Petit said. “Instead of just branding us with one nonprofit or one charity, we all choose our own. We waddle for our own causes.”

Find the group’s Facebook page online to learn more.

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