Vail Today: Eagle Valley Land Trust video needs your vote to win $10,000 (video) |

Vail Today: Eagle Valley Land Trust video needs your vote to win $10,000 (video)

If you enjoy the North Trail in Vail, the West Avon Preserve or the Homestead Open Space, then you should thank the Eagle Valley Land Trust. These are just a few of the scenic vistas, wildlife habitats and historic lands that are preserved for generations to come due to the mission and dedication of this local nonprofit.

What happens when a community does not have enough open space? “Wildlife cannot survive, urban runoff reaches our creeks and rivers killing fish and plant life and people cannot easily reach peaceful, natural places without driving,” said Jim Daus, executive director of the Eagle Valley Land Trust.

Founded in 1981, the Eagle Valley Land Trust realized that an investment in open space and land conservation would guarantee a quality of life that is worth protecting forever. It connects the land to the people, providing outdoor experiences, emotional ties and economic benefits to the people of Eagle County.

What does this land, this open space mean to you? The Eagle Valley Land Trust illustrated what it means in a video recently produced by Capture the Action, a local video production company and submitted it into a nationwide competition conducted by The Land Trust Alliance, the national association of land trusts. The EVLT is one of 10 finalists for Land Trust Alliance’s #LandisMy video contest.

The winner of the two-minute video contest will receive $10,000 to support land conservation efforts in their community. “With your vote, we’ll use those funds to help staff our land protection and stewardship programs, meaning more land in Eagle County will be conserved next year and we’ll be better able to care for the lands already conserved which we all are enjoying today,” Daus said.

The winner will be selected by popular vote and each member of the public can vote just once, so please share this opportunity with others. To vote, visit and search for “Land is our Connection”. Links to vote are also available on and on EVLT’s Facebook page. Voting ends November 17, 2017.

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