Vail Today: Pound your way to a fitter winter with new class at Sonnenalp Club (video) |

Vail Today: Pound your way to a fitter winter with new class at Sonnenalp Club (video)

Rock out during your workout. That’s the idea behind Pound class, a quick, 30 minute class that utilizes drumsticks, which are called ripstix, and choreography to the beats of loud music to provide an incredibly effective work out.

Missy Lacy, fitness instructor at The Sonnenalp Club, heard about Pound from one of her Pilates clients who came in for a private Pilates session and said her legs were sore. Lacy asked what she had been doing and her client told her about Pound. “The response to adding this class has been super positive. The class has given the members a way to work out as well as have fun,” Lacy said.

I was invited to try Pound class by Lacy and even though I didn’t know what to expect, I was all in. I asked her why the class was “only” 30 minutes and she said, “you’ll see!”

Even though the ripstix are in your hands, the class actually gives you a total body workout and it’s a great way to get ready for the winter sports season. “Basically you’re in a lunge or squat for 30 minutes which works the quadriceps and glutes. We target the abdominal muscles, which are good for balance and the upper body is working as you set and strike the ripstix,” Lacy said.

Ten minutes in and I was glad it was only a 30 minute class. My legs were burning and so were my abs. I also realized another muscle group that hurt, my “smile” muscles. This class was so fun, the music’s loud and you can blow off some steam pounding those ripstix into the mat.

“We know the importance of working out, why not make exercising a positive and fun experience, one you look forward to,” Lacy said.

The class is for all ages and ability levels. One participant, 75-year-old Linda Hryckowian, said that this has been a great way for her to recover from the back surgery she had earlier this year. “I ski 100 days a year and I like this class better than the ski conditioning classes I’ve taken,” Hryckowian said.

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