Vail Today: Pretty Baby Contest held during Eagle County Fair and Rodeo (video) |

Vail Today: Pretty Baby Contest held during Eagle County Fair and Rodeo (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Vail Today
There are many competitions during the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, from cowboys going up against the beast in bull riding to cowgirls going up against the clock in barrel racing, but there’s also a competition for the littlest wranglers. The Pretty Baby contest drew contestants 2-years-old and under from all around Eagle County. This event has been a part of the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo for decades. “It’s very popular because everybody loves babies, and everybody is so proud of their own baby and thinks their own baby is the cutest,” said Glenda Wentworth, county extension director with the Colorado State University Extension office. There were seven categories in this year’s competition: • Best Dressed for Fair & Rodeo • Looks Most like Mom or Dad • Best Beachwear Ensemble • Best Hairdo • Best Colorado Sports Fan • Prettiest Smile in Eagle County • Most Patriotic Babies were allowed to enter all categories but can only win once. Parents brought several outfits to fit with each category. Bragging rights, a ribbon and $25 went to each winner. Mike Mathias was one of three judges and admitted he’s a tough grader. “If a baby is up here at the judging table and is smiling and happy, you get credit for that. If they come up here and they’re crying and unhappy and you can tell they wish they were somewhere else, that doesn’t help them much,” said Mathias. A well-rested, fed and content baby helps. Melodey Woolsey, who’s son, Payson, won the Prettiest Smile in Eagle County prize, said that the timing of the competition coincided with nap time. “We let him sleep as long as we could in the car before waking him up for the contest,” said Woolsey. At only 10 months of age, Payson Woolsey is eligible to enter the contest before the age cut off. “It was fun, we’ll enter the contest next year and see if we can win again,” said Woolsey.

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