Vail Today: Road Rules for both motorists and bikers (video) |

Vail Today: Road Rules for both motorists and bikers (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Vail Today
One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors during the summer is by bicycle, but keep in mind there are some rules of the road for both motorists and bikers to follow. In Colorado, motorists and bicyclists share the road. Both have equal rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws. The Colorado Department of Transportation has a comprehensive set of rules for motorists, cyclists. Here are a few key points: MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVING TIPS: • Allow at least three feet between your vehicle and the bicycle to avoid blowing the bicyclist out of control or off the road. 
 • Be patient and wait until it is safe to pass, as you would any other slow-moving vehicle. Be aware that when a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride safely side 
by side, bicyclists can legally ride in or near the center of the lane for more visibility and safety. • Please don’t honk your horn. You could startle the cyclist into an accident. 
 • Look to your right before turning to avoid cutting off a cyclist. 
 • Keep your eye on cyclists and pedestrians. They have a right to use all the roads in Colorado unless expressly prohibited. Keep track of them in your rear and side mirrors and slow down. CYCLING TIPS: • Obey traffic signs and traffic signals • Ride with traffic, never against it • Ride as far to the right, in the right lane, as practicable except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn or avoiding hazards. • Don’t pass on the right. • Bicyclists, by law, are required to audibly announce when they are passing other bicyclists and pedestrians. • Ride no more than two abreast, returning to single-file if riding two abreast impedes the flow of traffic. • On canyon roads without bike lanes or shoulders, play it safe and ride single-file • Use hand signals to indicate what you intend to do: left or right turns, slowing down or stopping. Another reminder, avoid using cell phones and other personal devices while driving, biking, or even walking. By following these simple rules we can keep our roads safe for everyone. For more information please visit

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