Vail Today: Sundae and Girl Scouts team up to create new ice cream flavor (video) |

Vail Today: Sundae and Girl Scouts team up to create new ice cream flavor (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Vail Today
It’s never too cold for ice cream. Especially when it’s a delicious cone or cup of handcrafted ice cream made with premium quality ingredients. The mission at Sundae is to make great ice cream without using artificial ingredients, flavorings or colorings. Another big part of their mission is to connect with the community. These two ideas came together in Sundae’s “Give Me Samoa” ice cream flavor, which combines the delicious taste of the ever-popular Samoa Girl Scout cookie with wholesome Sundae ice cream. Ashlyn Streetz, a pastry chef by trade who dreams up different flavors for Sundae, created a scrumptious ice cream flavor out of Samoa Girl Scout cookies that were purchased from local Girl Scouts. Sundae is also coordinating with the Girl Scouts to sell cookies at both stores in Vail and Edwards. How does it feel to sell Girl Scout cookies right on Bridge Street? “It’s actually really cool because it boosts my confidence. I get to talk to people and actually experience what it’s like to be a business person,” said Ally Connary, an 11-year-old with Troop 1727. Money raised from cookie sales goes toward camps, trips, and other fun learning experiences. This collaboration with the local Girl Scouts has been rewarding to see. “It’s been really fun to witness all their hard work. They are like little entrepreneurs. From figuring out how to keep track of their inventory, to determining best selling techniques, their dedication is amazing,” said Streetz. To reward the Girl Scouts after their hard work, Sundae will be donating free ice cream to all the Girl Scouts in Eagle County during an ice cream social and movie night that they are planning in mid March.

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