Vail Today: Winter sports conditioning gets technical at Vail Vitality Center with the Polar Club |

Vail Today: Winter sports conditioning gets technical at Vail Vitality Center with the Polar Club

Winter sports conditioning classes are in full swing all around the valley, but if you are looking for smaller class size, more personalized instruction and want technology to help you reach your goals, try the winter sports conditioning classes at the Vail Vitality Center.

Why workout for the upcoming winter season, especially if you have already been active during the summer?

“Most of the activities people do all summer are quadriceps-based, which can actually lead to a lot of imbalances and cause knee injuries come ski season,” said Blake Gould, fitness manager at the Vail Vitality Center. “Even though you feel your quads when you’re skiing, the strength you need is in your hamstrings and glutes,” Gould said.

The Vail Vitality Center is one of the first fitness centers in the area to utilize Polar Club, an application used to give real time feedback on heart rates for each member of the class. Each person’s heart rate is displayed on the tablet that the fitness coaches monitor. Here, they can see if someone is in the fat-burning zone or at their maximum heart rate. This progressive program works within specific heart rate zones over the course of the six-week period.

“It’s really cool to see the real time feedback and it’s a motivator. You can see how many calories you’ve burned in real time or what percentage of max heart rate you are in,” Gould said. “It also helps with body composition because we can get that real time feedback and tell them what they need to do whether it be to elevate or lower the heart rate,” Gould said.

KC Lasher, a teacher at Vail Mountain School, loves this program because of the small class size. There are no more than six people per class with up to two fitness coaches overseeing the group. “It’s really personalized. I feel that they are watching our moves and if we are doing an exercise wrong they correct it for us. They can modify an exercise if we have an injury and they are great motivators,” Lasher said.

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