Vail Town Clerk Patty McKenny promoted to assistant town manager position |

Vail Town Clerk Patty McKenny promoted to assistant town manager position

Daily staff report

VAIL — Patty McKenny, Vail’s town clerk since 2014, has been promoted to serve as assistant town manager effective immediately. The selection was announced by Town Manager Greg Clifton following a screening of more than 100 applicants, including six finalists.

As assistant town manager, McKenny will be responsible for assisting and supporting the town manager in planning, managing and directing the town’s administrative operations and services to meet the Vail Town Council’s goals and objectives.

This will include continued participation with the town’s executive management team in helping to support the manager in areas of policy planning, organizational development, intergovernmental activities, community projects, citizen engagement, budgeting and program development. She will also serve as acting town manager in the absence of the town manager.

Administrative functions

McKenny’s career in local government spans 20 years and has included similar roles in Avon and Silverthorne. Most recently, McKenny served as Vail’s acting town manager following the resignation of former manager Stan Zemler and the hiring of Clifton. She was praised by her colleagues and the Town Council for her leadership during the six-month transition, which was concluded in September 2017.

As town clerk, McKenny has had opportunities to oversee many of the administrative functions of local government, working with numerous elected officials and community members across the region. She is also enrolled in the Public Manager Certification program offered by the University of Colorado School of Public Affairs.

Clifton said McKenny’s proven leadership experience and the advancements she’s made in her role as town clerk are to be commended and have prepared her well for her new role.

“As a general comment, the role of town clerks lends itself well to that of town management,” Clifton said. “Clerks work closely with the department heads on myriad issues, and they also work closely with the elected officials in the preparation of meetings and agendas. Specific to Patty, she has complemented these duties with her role as acting town manager on more than one occasion, and notably during the 2017 transition. She has emerged from all this with well-developed leadership skills and an excellent working knowledge of the organization and its many functions. She will make an excellent assistant manager.”

McKenny says she’s looking forward to serving Vail in this capacity.

“My 30-year career in mountain resort communities has served me well to this point, and I am honored and very excited to continue serving the town of Vail in this new role,” she said.

The assistant town manager position had been vacant since 2015 to allow for the town manager transition.

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