Vail Town Council Candidate: Bob McKown |

Vail Town Council Candidate: Bob McKown

It is something that I have been considering for a while and at the urging of friends, and because the timing now is right I have decided to run.

In short: Construction; housing, both affordable and employee; budget; pine beetle.

Yes and no. Need more than 100 words.

Generally, yes, but only if certain requirements are met first. The most important being replacement parking being in place before destruction of existing structure.

The local merchants (village and Lionshead) need a break and time to “catch up” for awhile.

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The town should lead the way in encouraging the construction of both employee and affordable housing within the confines of the town.

“Environmental stewardship” is a broad term. I would support any effort from more and more efficient recycling to the proposed “greening” (an over used term) of such things as I-70.

This is an area that I am still studying and need to do more research on.

Q: What is the secret to a perfect gimlet?

A: Add three drops of dry vermouth and shake well.

Seriously: The question is simple, Why me? Answer. Because I admit that I do not know all the answers but am willing to read, study, listen and do whatever is necessary to make informed decisions that will allow me to do the best job possible for the town and people of Vail. Thank you.Vail

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