Vail Town Council Candidate: Dave Irwin |

Vail Town Council Candidate: Dave Irwin

This town has been very good to me and it is time that I give back. I feel that I can bring a better line of communication between citizen, town government, businesses, and Vail Resorts through my personality, attitude and professional experience.

The seasonal and affordable housing, the sensible approach to priorities and budget, proper coordination of current and future development for all concerned, and to protect our environment and quality of life in the valley are some of the biggest issues.

The current council has done a good job, but they have created some rifts between town government with businesses and Vail Resorts. I also feel that their budget priorities are not in line with the needs of the town.

Expensive art work before fixing roads? Heated streets before environmental concern? Outside developers before taking care of developers here? Fixing a bike bath that didn’t need to be fixed during a time that it should be used?

I support the redevelopment, but in good time. The parking needs to be replaced first with the Ever Vail parking so visitors, locals and businesses will not be hurt.

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It is time to find some balance in the construction scheduling. There is the need for redevelopment, but not all at the same time. Also a better direct line of communication between developers, town and businesses in coordinating this development.

The Timber Ridge project may be the last large seasonal employee opportunity. The town needs to maintain direct involvement and not give away the farm.

An agreement between town and developer needs to be reached. Then true affordable housing realistically needs to be downvalley.

Something similar to Miller Ranch developed in Wolcott would be a good start.

I feel that the heated streets were a bad direction to go and I would not handle that situation the same way. The programs for dealing with the pine beetle need to be reviewed and make sure they are sufficient. To continue to be sensitive to development and the impact it has on our environment.

Vail faces a projected capital-budget deficit of $25.8 million over the next five years. Do you support the construction tax that would address this anticipated shortfall? If the tax does not pass, how would you address the projected deficit?

Q: Why is it that, “The more we have, the less we help each other?”

A: We need to start helping each other. (Citizens + town government + businesses + Vail Resorts = FAMILY ) Let us put the welcome sign out and not have this feeling of you against me. In the good old days everyone helped to make it a better place to live. We can do that again.

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