Vail Town Council candidates explain reasons for running |

Vail Town Council candidates explain reasons for running

Greg Moffet

VAIL — The race for Vail Town Council this fall is a sprint, not a marathon — there was one month between the final certification of candidate nomination petitions and the Nov. 5 election.

With the clock rapidly ticking, we’re going to ask the candidates a weekly question between now and Nov. 4, the day before the election. In addition to the weekly questions, the Vail Daily is preparing profiles of all seven candidates, which we’ll start publishing in the next few days.

This week’s question is actually two questions: Who are you and why do you want this job?

Dave “Bone” Chapin

Age: 54.

Occupation: I am a partner-manager in Vendetta’s restaurant in Vail Village.

How long have you lived in Vail? After ski bumming for a few years, I settled in Vail full time 31 years ago.

Why do you want this job? I want this job because I want to ensure that our guests’ experience is the best it can be, and that our residents and second-home owners can enjoy the quality of life that they moved here for.

Dale Bugby

Age: 55.

Occupation: Condo hotel business owner.

How long have you lived in Vail? Since 1980.

Why do you want this job? Vail is my home and place of business. I have been passionate about Vail since I first saw it in the mid-1970s. I planned my college education and my career on the hotel business so I could live here. I know that sounds improbable, but I grew up in Michigan, where my father spent his entire life waiting for the weekends, so we could go north. He grew up in Grayling, Mich., a ski resort, and regretted leaving the family-owned general store and canoe guide service to live in the city. I swore I wouldn’t spend my whole life waiting for the weekends.

My family grew up on winter sports, and tourism is in my blood. The town of Vail will benefit from a hotelier and business owner perspective on issues. I can balance the myriad of issues and find solutions.

Greg Moffet

Age: 55.

Occupation: Small business owner.

How long have you lived in Vail? Full time since 1994.

Why do you want this job? I love our community and feel privileged to live in such a great place among such great people. I have advocated for the community since my first election in 1999. During the ups and downs of redevelopment, economic crisis and good and not-so-good snow years, it’s been easy to take our eye off that ball, but I feel like I’ve been pretty steadfast in keeping the retention and growth of our community on the front burner (mixed metaphors anyone?).

The challenge is greater now than ever. I also bring a great deal of experience to the council, as well as varying perspectives from that of dad to that of county planning commissioner to that of small business owner.

Jenn Bruno

Age: 43.

Occupation: Business owner — Luca Bruno Italy and DUE Luca Bruno — both in Vail Village.

How long have you lived in Vail? 20 years.

Why do you want this job? I feel like I have the time and experience to contribute on a greater level to Vail. I currently serve as chair of Vail’s Commission on Special Events. Vail has seen record sales tax collections in recent years and many have pointed to the strength and strategic positioning of the Commission on Special Events for contributing to our increase in sales tax revenues. My time on the CSE has taught me that I can make a meaningful contribution to our town.

While the town’s economic vitality is of the upmost importance to me, I am also raising a family in Vail and see how important it is to focus on our community. Vail is our home. I serve on the Bravo! Vail Board of Trustees, the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships Organizing Committee and volunteer and contribute to many local organizations.

My experience in the community and as a village business owner gives me a unique perspective. I understand how important a thriving economy in Vail Village is because I am a part of that economy. Being in the village each and every day, I have the unique opportunity to interact with our community members and visitors on a regular basis. It gives me an immediate perspective on what is happening in Vail. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve the town of Vail in a greater capacity and make a difference for us all.

Sounia Nejad Chaney

Age: 46.

Occupation: Parent, businessperson and active community member.

How long have you lived in Vail? Four years.

Why do you want this job? My family and I moved here for the great quality of life that Vail offers, and I am passionate about keeping it great and even making it better for those who choose to live, visit and/or work here.

Susie Tjossem

Age: 59.

Occupation: Wife of Brad, mother of Jenna and Bergen, and executive director of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum and Hall of Fame.

How long have you lived in Vail? 391/2 years.

Why do you want this job? I want to be re-elected because my experience on the tTown Council during the last four years has only strengthened my passion and commitment to Vail. I love Vail’s unique history, heritage and character, but most importantly, my life has been enriched by all the friends who call it home.

Because it is my home, I am willing to invest the time and energy it takes to continue to make Vail better. I am confident that my participation, not only on council but on the many sub-committees and advisory councils I serve on, has been beneficial to the town. I loved helping plan Vail’s 50th anniversary celebration and am looking forward to putting the same passion and energy into the planning for the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships.

I offer unique experiences in planning and zoning, business operations, resort operations, marketing, international travel and financial acumen that help balance council discussions and decisions. Why me? I know the role, have a proven track record, will continue to do my homework, will remain open minded, will listen, ask questions and then make thoughtful, well-informed decisions. I want to be rehired to finish what I have started.

Meighen Lovelace 

Age: 38.

Occupation: Site coordinator for the Family Leadership Training Institute, Mountain Harvest Foundation director and Avon Community Garden founder and chairwoman.

How long have you lived in Vail?: 10 years.

Why do you want this job? I am interested in this position because I believe that taking an active role in my community will help to keep Vail amazing for families and individuals. We can all broaden our civic value by participating in the growth of our community.

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