Vail Town Council to take another look at short-term rental regulations ordinance |

Vail Town Council to take another look at short-term rental regulations ordinance

VAIL — The Vail Town Council will consider first reading of an ordinance that would add additional regulations to the town’s short-term rental requirements at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21. The action item is listed as 5.2 on the agenda for the evening meeting ,which begins at 6 p.m. in the Vail Town Council Chambers. There will be opportunities for public comment.

As drafted, the ordinance would establish a new short-term rental license application process with an annual renewal requirement. The proposed regulations would replace the town’s current process, which requires issuance of a business license for any owner renting a unit more than 14 days a year. The posting of a Vail sales tax account number on all advertisements and remittance of sales and lodging taxes would be retained under the new ordinance.

The ordinance also identifies criteria a homeowner would need to meet to obtain and renew a short-term rental license, including:

• An affidavit for each rented unit to be signed by the licensee to acknowledge trash, noise and parking regulations as well as verifying life-safety precautions are in place and compliance with homeowner association rules.

• Each owner would be required to appoint a person or a licensed property manager as a property contact who has access and authority to assume management of the unit. Initial complaints would be directed to the property contact for an opportunity to respond. The contact person or property manager would need to be available 24 hours a day to respond to tenant and neighborhood questions or concerns.

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• A requirement to conspicuously post the license number, street address and property contact information in the interior of the short-term rental unit.

• As part of the application process, applicants would be required to have written consent of a duplex neighbor where there is shared common property accessible to both parties. If a duplex does not have shared common property, the applicant must provide notice to a neighbor of their intent to short-term rent the adjoining unit. Should a rental’s license be later revoked, written consent from a duplex neighbor would need to be provided to re-instate the license after a two-year waiting period.

• Violations of the town’s current noise, trash/recycling, building code, fire code, parking and occupancy regulations would be documented and tracked by staff. If an initial complaint is not resolved by the property contact, a complaint may be filed with the town. Owners would then receive written notification from town staff.

• If there are three or more notices of violations issued for the same short-term rental property within a 12-month period, the town could revoke the license upon written notice to the owner. The owner could appeal and request an administrative hearing.

Future topics for consideration will include reviewing options that would provide incentives for property owners to rent long-term.

To review the staff memo for Tuesday’s discussion, go to To comment in advance of the meeting, email

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