Vail Trail NFL Huddle – Week 14 |

Vail Trail NFL Huddle – Week 14

Download your form at and fax your picks to (970)748-6427 or email your picks to Participants results will be posted online each week at

* Must have minimum 12 of 16 games correct – Drawing if multiple winners – One winner per week

Congrats to Michele Davis with a win of 12-4.

Nice work, Michele! Give The Vail Trail a call at (970) 748-0049 to claim your prize.

Michele Davis 12-4

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Teek Koontz 11-5

Matt Zalaznick 11-5

Jeremy Medina 10-6

Janifer Friess 9-7

Steve Gordon 9-7

Michael Johnson 9-7

Caramie Schnell 9-7

Kevin Spang 9-7

Joe Suther 9-7

Dominique Taylor 9-7

Pat Lynch 8-8

Tamara Miller 8-8

Brenda Rascon 8-8

John Thompson 8-8

Jeff Boock 7-9

Melanie Boock 7-9

James Medina 7-9

JR Mondragon 7-9

Mike Rathmell 7-9

Susie Keysor 6-10

Amanda Swanson 6-10

Craig Arford 5-11

Dominica Romero 4-12

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Baltimore at Kansas City

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Minnesota at Detroit

New England at Miami

New Orleans at Dallas

N.Y. Giants at Carolina

Oakland at Cincinnati

Philadelphia at Washington

Tennessee at Houston

Green Bay at San Francisco

Seattle at Arizona

Denver at San Diego

Chicago at St. Louis

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