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Vail Trail Pages from the Past

Daily staff report
Vail CO, Colorado
Since the trophy that Los Amigos won the previous year in 1977 in the Bartenders Cup was stolen, Miller Brewing Co. had another one made. "Re-presenting" the cup were Dan Ryan of Orrison Distributing and Ham BuBois of Miller Brewing Co. to the proud recipient Shirkie Evans.

A letter to the editor thanked the Vail Police Department for information about using roundabouts, but stated that important aspects of using roundabouts were omitted: Get in lane before you reach the roundabout and don’t turn left from the right-hand lane; stay in lane within the roundabout, and don’t forget to signal.

Parking rates at the Vail and Lionshead parking structures were $15 maximum per day.

The town of Minturn offered its vacant police chief position to an in-state candidate – only problem was the town couldn’t help him find an affordable place to live. Minturn Town Manager Alan Lanning had also experienced the same predicament in the spring of 1998, so he could relate and really wanted to do everything possible to make it easier on the new chief.

Four counties – Eagle, Lake, Chaffee and Fremont – paired up to fund a preliminary study of whether passenger trains through the Arkansas and Eagle Valleys would be feasible. Eagle County contributed $3,750 to the study, and if it turned out promising the counties would decide whether to fund more studies.

A look at the numbers from Vail’s Ford Amphitheater’s inaugural season showed success. Nearly 25,000 people attended shows at the amphitheater since it opened in June.

The Vail Town Council passed business license fee increases designed to raise $623,000 for the town. The council voted 4-2 to raise the minimum business license fee from $100 to $400.

Eagle-Vail would hopefully provide some relief to the employee housing shortage with the completion of the Riverview Apartments, which would provide 38 two-bedroom apartments, and 35 three-bedroom apartments.

One-bedroom condos at the Benchmark, located at the foot of Beaver Creek in Avon, were going for about $35,900. Two-bedrooms ran around $46,900.

The past week saw 7 inches of new snow on Vail Mountain, with a 35-inch base at the top of the mountain, and a 26-inch base a Mid-Vail.

Snowmobiling was becoming a wildly popular winter sport. There were about 300,000 snowmobiles in the United States, up from just 25,000 four years ago. Experts were predicting there would be about 600,000 in the 1968-69 winter season.

Vail Police Chief Ted Holmes reminded skiers to register their skis with the police department. The police department claimed that skis that carry the name of the owner and a registration sticker are less likely to be stolen.

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