Vail Trail Pages from the Past |

Vail Trail Pages from the Past

Compiled by Lauren Glendenning
Vail CO, Colorado
In December 1988 Gov. Roy Romer presented Bob Knous and Harry Frampton a proclamation declaring Jan. 15 – Feb. 15 as World Alpine Championship month in Colorado.

W. J. Stalder Jr. and Ross E. Davis, both of Denver, bought The Lodge at Vail, the Vail ski resort’s first hotel accommodation and a Vail landmark. The men bought the hotel from Vail Associates and said they planned to make some renovations and continue to operate it as a full-service hotel.

State Highway Patrol issued a bulletin warning of a new traffic hazard on Colorado streets and highways: snowmobiles. The devices were not permitted on streets and highways, and the Town of Vail also issued an ordinance prohibiting them on town roads.

Early season skiing tip: Mind over matter. “Man, being a more sophisticated animal, can learn to overcome or compensate for not only the physical barrier to the elements but also the psychic ones; the skier who is better able to introspect himself vis-à-vis his skiing environment is more capable of coping with the intangible elements.”

Citizens would have the final say in whether to approve building 100 employee housing units and more than 10,000 parking spaces on the Lionshead parking lot. The project would be financed by both the Town of Vail and Vail Associates and was estimated to cost between $6 million and $8 million.

Several chair lifts were closed down the previous week because of extremely cold weather, said a Vail Associates spokesman. The lifts were also closed to keep people away from ridges and windy spots and to avoid possible frostbite conditions for those not dressed properly.

Vail Police Chief Gary Wall resigned and would be moving to the Seattle area with his family in March.

Saab, the car maker that leases cars to the Town of Vail for use by its officials, offered each member of the town council use of a Saab for the month during the 1989 World Alpine Ski Championships, to which the councilmembers declined.

Ski Town Etiquette: Don’t walk drunk in ski boots

Do pick up the correct skis after eating lunch

More people skied Vail, Dec. 29, 1988, than any other day in its history. The record 20,000 skiers on the mountain shattered the previous record of 18,100, set the year before.

Top stories in 2008 included Eagle’s rapid growth both in development and population; the eco-terrorism attack on Vail’s Two Elk Restaurant and Category III ski area expansion that sent structures up in flames (the Earth Liberation Front took credit for the attacks and of the list of 25 suspects, no arrests had been made by the end of 2008), and Eagle County voters approved more than $48 million in bond money for Eagle County Schools, including the construction of two new elementary schools, one new middle school and repairs and renovations to existing schools.

Locals were increasingly booking flights out of the Eagle County Regional Airport over Denver, adding to the airport’s booming popularity. Flights were competitive with Denver fares, making the decision to fly out of Eagle easier for many.

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