Vail Trail pages from the past |

Vail Trail pages from the past

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

About 200 beer wholesales and brewery representatives were headed to Vail for the 22nd annual convention of the Colorado Beer Distributors Association.

Ski Club Vail was organizing soccer sessions to be held twice a week to help skiers get in shape for the upcoming winter ski season.

Sarge Bill Brown would be leading a tour of a dozen four-wheel-drive cars through Vail Associates’ new ski area and facilities Sept. 21.

Vail names Francis “Fran” Bush as its new chief of its volunteer fire department.

A group called “Save Our School” was organizing to prevent the destruction of an old log schoolhouse in West Vail. A development of condominiums was scheduled to begin construction later in the month and the group was raising money to move the structure and turn it into a museum.

There was a problem with Vail’s new post office home delivery – some people who did not request the home delivery and still used post office boxes were getting mail addressed to street numbers. Postmaster Ernie Chavez was trying to sort out the confusion.

The Vail Town Council met with the Eagle County Commissioners in the first joint meeting between the two governing bodies. Both groups agreed to meet more often to talk about issues they could help each other solve.

Vail Mayor Kent Rose wrote a letter to the Vail Trail disagreeing with an opinion piece the paper ran a week earlier that said long-term parking and transportation solutions should be solved before the town should expand its Vail Village parking structure. Rose said there’s no way around the fact that more people equal more cars, and that Vail needs more parking.

Restaurateurs were opposed to a proposed ban on smoking in public places, saying customers should be able to decide whether they want to sit in a smoking or non-smoking section.

A Vail Valley Medical Center nurse was arrested for stealing and using Demerol, a highly addictive pain killer.

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