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Vail Trail’s Pages from the Past

Compiled by Lauren Glendenning
Vail CO, Colorado
Jacklyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Christopher George were in Vail filming scenes for Charlie's Angels the previous December. The special two-hour episode, shot in Vail, was to air On Feb. 7, 1979.

Eagle County was the first county along the Interstate 70 corridor to commit to contributing money to a study that would look at the feasibility of building a rail system from Denver International Airport to the Eagle County Airport. The county offered up $100,000 for the study, and other counties had yet to ante up.

About 100 people met to talk about how to reenergize the town of Vail, which had been recently characterized as “slightly down on its heels, a bit shabby when measured side-by-side to Beaver Creek, and maybe even a little bit … boring.”

Vail Resorts bought domain names that people could potentially use to bash the publicly owned company, noting a site called as a lesson that people out there can publicly bash large companies. Vail Resorts bought similar domain names for Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge and Vail Resorts, including the domains and, after so-called eco-terrorists burned down the Two Elk Lodge at the resort in October.

Vail Councilman Mike Cacioppo questioned Vail Mayor Kent Rose and Councilman John Slevin for hosting breakfasts with taxpayer money. The councilmen had hosted two breakfasts, in which not all councilmembers were invited, and the town of Vail picked up the tab – a total of $377. Cacioppo questioned the other members about whether they were campaigning at the breakfasts, to which both Rose and Slevin said they were not.

A wave of Trachio bronchitis cases came over the town, with one doctor saying he was seeing as many as 30 patients a day with the affliction. The virus that inflames the major airway is often mistaken for the flu.

Real Estate sales at Beaver Creek were unprecedented. Sales that closed or were under contract for the last three months of 1988 were nearly $63 million – up from $29.4 million for the same time period the year before.

Vail business owners wanted Vail Associated to extend the mountain’s closing date another week because of a late Easter that year. The business owners contended there would be plenty of business following Easter Sunday to keep things running the extra week. Vail Associates said mountain operations were always run at a loss for the last week of the season and were reluctant to extend the season.

Governor Richard Lamm signed an official proclamation declaring February 1979 as Colorado Ski History Month. Vail’s Colorado Ski Museum-Ski Hall of Fame was promoting the museum’s displays to bring in more visitors.

The town of Avon hired Ken Richards to develop a building a planning department for the town. Richards estimated it would be two months before the department was up and running functionally.

Local hockey players would try, for the fourth year in a row, to form a team that would compete against hockey clubs in Aspen, Breckenridge, Denver and Colorado Springs. Players scheduled a meeting for Feb. 4, hoping to get enough interested and loyal players to finally get the Vail hockey club started.

Vail was blessed with more than 15 inches of snow this week, and more was in the forecast for the next several days.

Vail’s Anklebiter Races attracted almost 300 junior ski racers – almost triple the anticipated amount.

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