Vail Valley antler accident explained |

Vail Valley antler accident explained

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Bill Johnson/Special to the DailyThis is a real picture of a real Vail Valley elk that really got a bar stool stuck on its head

VAIL, Colorado ” Response to the Vail Daily’s “How did the elk get a bar stool on its head” contest was so enthusiastic and immediate we decided to print some of the responses early.

Readers were asked to tell us a story about what they think happened:

Miss Elka Elk knew she lived in a cool and fun loving neighborhood. She was aware of the many barbecues held in a certain back yard and had watched the bonfires and revelers even after she arrived at her winter digs.

So wandering over to Annie Egan’s outdoor party place to see what was shakin’, she decided to pick up some tidbits from under the table. Unmindful that the treat seemed barricaded by some obstacle, she bravely pushed ahead, and, whoops … barricade is now a necklace. However, she was pleased that it was just in time for Mardi Gras. And by the way that’s the real story, and Annie wants her stool back!

There’s another theory that she had a little female envy going for the head decoration the bulls sport, but her attempt went south. Imaginative, but the first explanation is correct.

First of all I would like to squelch those rumors that I suffer from antler envy. It was not like that all. It all started when Elsie, Emma and myself went down to the bar to party on down. We were leaning on the bar making all sort of gross remarks to the bulls when I hit Elsie in the ribs and said “Check out the rack on that one.”

That was one of the biggest racks we had ever seen! His name was Elmer. We introduced ourselves to Elmer but he seemed to be disinterested. After a few tequila shots we decided we needed to get his attention, so we had a belching contest and continued to scratch ourselves all to no avail. Elmer continued to be unimpressed.

Then Emma suggested we put a lampshade on our head but we could find none. Elsie then said “Put that barstool on your head and you will have a rack almost as big as Elmer’s.” Alas, it did not stand up on my head as I hoped and thus you see the end result.

The moral of the story is: Going to a bar and being impressed by the size of the rack can lead to embarrassing situations.

Elke Winter was confused by all the stories she had read in the Vail Daily about this new proposed development in her stomping ground east of town between Highway 6 and I-70.

The development was of course Eagle River Station. Elke thought she would go to the town meeting to inform herself about this proposed development to determine if she would have to plan on moving her family and friends out of happy valley. After many hours of discussion Elke was more confused. She thought, “I need to have some drinks to relax and try to make some sense of all this information”.

Well, when she walked in the Brush Creek Saloon all the cowboys recognized her immediately as the famous movie star Elke Winter. As cowboys are always enamored by such a gorgeous lady, they immediately tried to cozy up to her and buy her drinks.

Of course Elke could not hold the drinks so the bartender served Elke’s drinks in a bowl on the floor. After about 50 drinks, Elke was a bit loaded and as she raised up to leave she discovered this bar stool on her neck. She thought this was kinda cute, that the cowboys had given her this unique necklace, and rushed off to show this prize to her family.

Of course the next day the Vail Daily rushed out to get her picture with the necklace and print it in the paper. Elke stated “I am staying away from that place, next time I am going to the Elks Club.”

Honestly I can’t take it anymore. We have been scrounging around the town of Eagle for a week now with no good food to eat and I want something more than grass. So there’s this new bar I think that I might hit up “the Brush Creek Saloon. It looks kind of fancy and I think that I may just take a stab at the Dumpster behind it.

The herd has decided that we should look elsewhere, they are kind of skittish around people, but I know that as long as I stay away from the bright lights, I’m good.

So I’m being kind of arrogant and I walk right up to the Dumpster and what do I see? Something yummy and delicious, I can smell it from here. It’s a big piece of leftover chicken, marinated with spice, calling my name.

What I don’t see is a broken bar stool. So I stick my head right into the Dumpster ” not the smartest idea, I will admit that but I do get to the chicken. Hey wait, but what do I end up with around my neck? I have a stupid broken bar stool and yes I know the name of it; I’ve had a run in before.

I have to say don’t ask, lets just say it was a drunken night and I found myself in another bar in the Eagle area.

Oh, what shall I do? Well at least I got to the yummy chicken (to the chef, I must say it was marinated quite perfectly) I think to myself. But how do I get this ridiculous stool off of my neck? Oh no, head lights, I see them perfectly in the distance, I must run. I have gotten my fix and now I must head.

So now I’m with the rest of the herd. I think that forever I will remain: the one with the bar stool around my neck. But at least when my grand babies ask, I will say that I was the brave one that dared to risk my life on the streets of Eagle for that scrumptious piece of chicken that will forever remain on my tongue.

Submit your own story to by midnight on March 4. If writing is not your thing, make a short film ” one minute or less ” and submit it by March 6. Call Public Access 5 at 970-949-5657 for more information. The winning film will be shown on Channel 5 and posted on as well.

The winning storyteller will score dinner for four people at The Gashouse in Edwards. The winning filmmaker will win dinner for two at Up The Creek in Vail.

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