Vail Valley bank robbers sentenced to multiple years in federal prison |

Vail Valley bank robbers sentenced to multiple years in federal prison

Karen Hyatt, Craig 'Lucky' Dickson sentenced Friday

A couple that bungled a series of bank robberies, including two in Edwards, each must go to prison before they can walk down the aisle together.

Craig “Lucky” Dickson was sentenced Friday to seven years in federal prison. His fiancée, Karen Hyatt, was sentenced to three years. They pleaded guilty to robbing five banks in fewer than 30 days — including two in the Riverwalk at Edwards — after they announced their engagement on Dickson’s social media page.

When they robbed the banks they did not wear masks or disguises. Police placed them at the scenes of the robberies because they carried their personal cellphones, and multiple people identified them after police posted their pictures on Metro Denver Crimestoppers.

The FBI caught Hyatt in the Adams County courthouse, where she had just posted $2,500 bond for a different criminal offense, according to the agency’s arrest affidavit. They pleaded guilty in September.

Their saga ended Friday afternoon in Chief Judge Philip A. Brimmer’s federal courtroom where they were sentenced to federal prison.

Their accomplice, Christopher Lutz, also pleaded guilty and is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 31.

How they were caught

Dickson and Hyatt announced their engagement April 8 in a social media post. Their crime spree started April 12.

During their investigation, the FBI checked Hyatt’s and Dickson’s cellphone records and found that they were together at the scenes of bank robberies in Denver, Boulder, Centennial and the two in Edwards — Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank, according to an FBI arrest affidavit.

Bank security photos matched photos on their Facebook pages as well as their criminal mug shots, the FBI said.

 At 9:02 a.m. on May 1, Hyatt got away with $9,734 in cash from Wells Fargo in Edwards, the FBI said. Things didn’t go as well three minutes later in the Riverwalk U.S. Bank branch. The tellers did not understand what Hyatt was seeking. When they took longer to respond than Hyatt wanted, she snatched back the note and left the bank with nothing, the FBI said.

Hyatt appeared on the on the U.S. Bank security video at 9:05 a.m.

“Hyatt’s most recent mug photo, taken March 3, bears a strong resemblance to the robber in the Wells Fargo Bank photographs,” the FBI said at the time.

The FBI says Hyatt is a multi-state offender with arrests for things such as possession of burglary tools, motor vehicle theft, vehicular eluding and drug possession.

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