Vail Valley: Beaver Creek rolls out ‘My Way’ program |

Vail Valley: Beaver Creek rolls out ‘My Way’ program

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado

Beaver Creek Resort thinks it’s on to something a little different with “My Way,” its new Vail Valley summer tourism promotion campaign: flexibiilty.

“The idea is (visitors) get to pick what they want,” Roxy co-owner Patti Weinstein said. “You don’t have to do something you don’t want to do to get a deal.”

My Way has just launched on Beaver Creek’s Web site. In addition to lodging discounts, visitors can pick and choose from a fairly long list of deals and discounts at Beaver Creek and Vail Valley businesses. When people check into their hotels, they get laminated card on a lanyard and printed list of participating businesses. Then they can pick and choose which ones they like.

The idea is sort of a combination between the Vail All the Love program and “resort credit programs” found in Las Vegas and other resorts, said Caragh McLaughlin of Vail Resorts.

“The idea with the credit programs is that you’ll pay, say, $300 for the package, then get $200 back in deals,” McLaughlin said. But, she added, since Vail Resorts doesn’t own everything in Beaver Creek, the company went to the resort’s businesses to try to get people as many deals as possible.

Weinstein said she’s excited by the program.

“My expectations are high,” she said. “I hope it will bring people to the valley, and to Beaver Creek. A lot of us embraced the program – I think (discounts) are a little to give away to get a lot back.”

There’s been a lot of business participation in the My Way program, thanks, Weinstein said, to several meetings that encouraged people to get involved.

“We’re involved in programs in other areas, and this is the best one I’ve seen,” said John Shipp, owner of the Dusty Boot. “This one is the most simple – you come in and get the deal.”

That simplicity might give Beaver Creek an edge as it competes for tourists’ business,” Shipp said.

“I know I’d probably pick the (resort) that can save me money at just about every business,” he said.

Businesses that aren’t in Beaver Creek proper are involved, too.

Karen Peck of Paragon Guides said her business got involved as a way to introduce more families to the company’s guided hikes with llamas as pack animals.

“We thought this was a good way to get exposure,” Peck said. “Kids love the llamas.”

McLaughlin said Vail Resorts plans to keep businesses involved in the program through the summer.

“We’re going to go around and hand out activity sheets,” she said. “That will give us a chance to touch base with people and see how they’re doing.”

She added that the idea behind My Way is also to be as flexible as possible. Businesses can adjust their deals as the promotion goes on.

My way will probably run into the winter season as well.

“We’ll look at what we did, and if we need a different idea, then that’s what we’ll do,” she said.

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Here’s a look at a few of the discounts available through Beaver Creek’s “My Way” promotion:

• Roxy: 20 percent off any full-price summer dress.

• Paragon Guides: 20 percent off the company’s “Take a Llama to Lunch” program.

• Centennial Chairlift: Buy one ticket, get one free.

• Blue Moose Pizza: One free drink, no other purchase required.

Click on the “packages and deals” link.

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