Vail Valley bike race organizers report successes |

Vail Valley bike race organizers report successes

Who they talked to: Ceil Folz and Adam Lueck of the Vail Valley Foundation.

What’s the bottom line? Folz said initial reports said loding numbers were up for the days the tour was in the valley. She also said that TV coverage went to 161 countries, gained more than 43,000 Facebook fans and the tour’s iPhone/iPad app hit the top 10 of most popular application downloaded in August.

Folz also said the Foundation will work to keep the Vail time trial coming back in the future, adding the group would work to keep other stages in the valley.

What they did: Council members voted 7-0 to approve the plan as presented by town staff.

What’s the plan? Basically the same as last year. People can park in the structures for free for two hours. The “free after three” program continues, with three hours of free parking between 3 and 6 p.m.

Council asked for a couple of changes – combining the low-end passes for the outlying lots and frontage roads, and adding a small charge for the oversize vehicle lot on the southeast side of the Lionshead parking structure.

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