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Vail Valley Bizwatch: Kurz Strategic Marketing

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Special to the DailyMichael Kurz, of Kurz Strategic Marketing.

Business name: Kurz Strategic Marketing, Inc.Location: Wherever my clients need me, but “International HQ” is my home office in Vail.Date opened: April 2010.Owner: Michael Kurz.Contact info:Phone: 970-390-3115.E-mail: Mail: P.O. Box 1948, Vail, 81658.What goods or services do you provide? Kurz Strategic Marketing, Inc. is a business/marketing consultancy specializing in providing clients (through our local and national strategic alliances) with brand development services necessary to launch new enterprises or enhance revenue production from existing brands, products and services. We provide services that cover a wide array of disciplines including advertising, graphic design, brand rehabilitation/renovation, interactive and new media communications, MARCOM audits/needs assessments, marketing research, multi-lingual/multi-cultural marketing and strategic communications planning.What’s new or exciting at your place? Well, we’ve had a fast start, working in just the past few months building new brands for the Vitality Center at Vail Mountain Lodge and Aprisent Financial Group (Edwards), designing a new logo for La Bottega/Vail and building their new Website (coming soon) and working with Powdercloud Corp., as they launch their new ISP/technology solutions enterprise. Any time you have the opportunity to bring a new entity to market or build success in already successful operations, it’s a kick. Commerce builds success and when an enterprise is really successful more people benefit from it. What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? We’ve had experience with so many “marketing” firms with in-house agendas. It’s all about fees, awards, artistry and ego. Yes, all of those things are involved in this business, but when you really cut to the chase, there’s only one thing important to building our business -building our clients’ business. If we can’t improve revenues for our clients they don’t need us. So, we focus on doing the things first that impact revenues the most. Over time, we make sure that our strategies and tactics are sustainable, effective and efficient. In the short-term, as we learn about our clients and their goals, aspirations and styles – we stay nimble, alert and attentive. Our approach is simple and straightforward – “develop, control, exploit and evolve the brand.”What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? It’s pretty simple. Our philosophy is that our clients know more about their business than we ever will. They eat, sleep, drink and dream their enterprises. Sometimes they’re doing what they’ve always dreamed of doing. Often, it’s their life’s work. Sometimes they’re building a legacy for their families. Sometimes they want to maximize return on investment, sell the company or take it public and sail the Caribbean. Many are serial entrepreneurs. Whatever they want to do with their businesses, we take great pride in being a part of helping them get to their goals. So we strive to listen and understand. Only then can we consider and recommend intellectually sound and viscerally exciting ideas and programs that work. Our clients can expect honesty, sincerity, integrity, respect, performance and value for their investment. In turn, we expect trust and respect for the effort we put into their businesses. We can’t remain emotionally detached from working so closely with them, so we always have fun and share in the victory. Tell us a little about your background, education and experience: I hold a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago, and have been involved in the marketing communications field since 1973. I’ve worked with nationally known advertising agencies like Tracy-Locke/BBDO, Haddon Advertising, and Lance Jackson & Associates, Inc., and have had the benefit of working on both the creative and account service sides of the business.My specialties are strategic planning, creative direction and broadcast production. I have been involved in a variety of business sectors during my marketing career including financial services, insurance, business services, cable television, health care, information technology, property development, residential security, retail electronics, consumer goods, restaurant, hospitality and destination marketing.Before serving for two years as CEO/President of the Vail Valley Partnership, I launched and for 10 years operated Kurz Strategic Marketing’s predecessor firm, Kurz McDonald, Inc. During that period, we launched more than a dozen national brands.What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? Tracy Tutag, a principal with Stuart Green at Aprisent Financial Group. For being in the very serious business of financial planning, she’s one of the funniest and most delightful people in the valley – at least when she’s not talking about money.

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