Vail Valley Bizwatch: Mike Houck Construction |

Vail Valley Bizwatch: Mike Houck Construction

Vail Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO Colorado
Mike Houck Construction's offers one-stop shop in the maintenance of Vail Valley homes

Vail Valley Business Name: Mike Houck Construction.

Contact Info:

Phone: 970-393-3167.


What goods or service do you provide? I offer a one-stop shop and a dedicated level of personal service in the maintenance of your home. After an initial inspection of your home I will consult with the owners to develop a plan to preserve and enhance the value of the residence and give the homeowner the peace of knowing that their home is being expertly cared for.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from the competition? I am only accepting a limited number of clients, so I can personally handle all aspects of the maintenance on their home. The homeowner only needs to deal with one person – me – to ensure that every aspect of their home maintenance is being looked after.

How would that work? Let’s say I’m managing a client’s home and they are not planning on using the home from spring break until July. While they are gone, I would turn off the water to the washing machine and ice maker water, shovel the roof to prevent ice dam build-up and damage, keep the driveway clear, make sure the home heating is working, and so on.

In July, I can make sure the yard is looking beautiful, including some nice flower pots. The water will be turned back on at the washing machine and other appliances. I’ll also make sure that all the mechanical systems of the home are functioning perfectly.

We can also could put a new coat of sealer on the deck and oil on the patio furniture. We will make sure the home and windows are cleaned, and can even stock the refrigerator. The level of service is customized to the needs of the client.

Tell us about your background, education and experience: I have been involved in residential building construction my entire working life. I did graduated from California State University-Chico many years ago, where I studied construction management.

I have a broad knowledge of all aspects of residential systems. For two years I worked as customer service manager for one of Vail’s premier residential home builders, where we managed home maintenance on some of the area’s finest homes.

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