Vail Valley Bizwatch: Mountain Mail Delivery picks up your mail |

Vail Valley Bizwatch: Mountain Mail Delivery picks up your mail

Mountain Mail Delivery has started a new service to pick up and take mail and parcels for both homeowners and businesses in the Vail Valley.
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Business name: Mountain Mail Delivery, Inc.

Location: 1815 West Gore Creek Drive, Unit A, Vail.

Date opened: May 1.

Owners: Nathan DeWindt, president and majority shareholder; Justin Gombar; Jonathan Miller.

Contact information: Call 970-460-MAIL (6245), e-mail info@mountain or go to http://www.mountain

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• What goods or services do you provide? Mountain Mail Delivery will pick up your mail and parcels from your local U.S. Post Office and deliver them directly to your front door. We will also retrieve any outgoing mail from your home and deliver it to the post office. We will handle all postage for you, and simply charge your credit card on file for the cost.

We also provide mail forwarding services for customers who only live in the valley part time. We gather your mail as often as you like, and ship it to you in a priority-mail flat-rate box or envelope. This service is included with your monthly subscription. All you pay is the postage for the flat rate box or envelope.

Our residential route currently operates three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for $45/per month.

We have other plans for businesses, and can create custom plans for courier service between local businesses for faster delivery than UPS and FedEx, often same or next day delivery within the valley.

• What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? We are more than just a courier service between resorts and businesses. We are currently the only home delivery service in the valley for mail. We eliminate the need to go to the post office. We will provide postage for all outgoing mail so our customers do not even need to have their own stamps.

• What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? Our philosophy is to make the lives of our customers easier. We try to eliminate the need to worry. If there is something we can do to lower stress levels, then we will do it. All our plans are customizable.

• What can your customers expect from you? Our customers can expect smiling faces and positive attitudes. Our routes are as consistent as possible so our customers know they can expect to see us within the same one- to two-hour window each day.

• Tell us a little about your background, education and experience: The three of us come from very different backgrounds, which happen to complement one another.

Nathan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. After starting a graphic design firm in San Diego, he partnered with a friend who had started a home mail delivery business in Rancho Sante Fe, California. After visiting Vail in the epic winter of 2010-2011 he saw a similar demographic in Vail. He moved to Vail the following winter and started to put a plan in place to create a second branch of the mail delivery service.

Justin Gombar comes from the high-end hospitality sector. He has worked for the Ritz-Carlton for the last four years after moving to the valley from Texas.

Jonathan Miller has lived in the valley for 13 years, and currently runs Resort Delivery, a grocery delivery service operating in Vail, Aspen, Summit County and Steamboat Springs. He brings invaluable experience in owning and operating a highly successful company in the state for nearly twelve years. Jon heads all of our marketing efforts.

• What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? One of our customers in Wildridge gave us a call recently, and explained he had forgotten to buy milk while out for groceries. He said he would be in big trouble once the boss noticed, and asked if we wouldn’t mind picking up a gallon for him at the store before we headed up the hill for the route. We did, and delivered his mail, along with the gallon of milk. He was all smiles when we arrived and commented that he bet we “never thought we would have to get milk when we decided to start delivering mail.” You never know what might happen in the service industry!

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