Vail Valley Bizwatch: Sweet Sound Vocal & Guitar Studio |

Vail Valley Bizwatch: Sweet Sound Vocal & Guitar Studio

Daily Staff ReportVail, CO,

Business name: Sweet Sound Vocal & Guitar Studio.Date opened: June.Owner: Nancy Shannon Spigener.Contact info: 970-777-SING.What goods or services do you provide? Private and semi-private voice and guitar lessons for all ages. I specialize in beginner guitar, and all levels of singers. I also have recording services available.How do you differentiate your business from the competition? I am always exploring new opportunities for my students to perform. Currently, we have three recitals per year spring, fall and Christmas. I am expanding this by adding open-mic events and kids karaoke at various locations in the valley. I am currently looking at Yetis Grind in Eagle and, possibly, The Back Bowl. This will give my students more places to perform and step up to the mic.We are also contracting with the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District to offer weeklong vocal and guitar day camps for spring break and other holiday weeks for children to enjoy learning to sing, play and have a great time. We will offer music, swimming, gymnastics, basketball gym time and movies. This will be a terrific camp for the kids. Tell us a little bit about your background and experience: I have 25 years of experience performing and teaching all styles of music except for classical. I am accomplished in theater, live bands, solo acoustic performance and studio recording. I also have owned and operated gymnastics facilities around the country for 25 years.Whats the most humorous thing thats happened since youve opened? A 6-year-old girl showed up for her first lesson wearing her singing gown and her singing slippers. She looked like a little princess absolutely adorable! The best part is that this baby girl opened her mouth and sang like an angel! She made her debut in our Christmas recital and will be performing for us again in April. What a delight!

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