Vail Valley Bizwatch: The Vail Diet nourishes your body |

Vail Valley Bizwatch: The Vail Diet nourishes your body

Kristina Sampson designed the Vail Diet, which is about eating whole, real foods in their cleanest form.
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Business name: The Vail Diet.

Location: Edwards.

Date opened: I officially launched my health and wellness website — http://www.thevail — Oct. 1 and began taking on health coaching clients as of March 1.

Owner: Kristina Sampson.

Contact information: Call 970-479-0300 or email

What goods or services do you provide? The Vail Diet is really a lifestyle rather than a “diet,” and it isn’t about any particular dietary dogma or ideology. It is about eating whole, real foods in their cleanest form.

The Vail Diet is designed around four peaks: Nourish your body; shake your booty; heed your habitat; and find your bliss. The website helps people incorporate these aspects into their life with information in the form of videos, blog posts and recipes. In addition, I offer personal one-on-one health coaching to people who want to make healthy changes in their life but do not know where to begin, or are turned off or confused by all of the conflicting information in nutrition. Also, because I am a breast cancer survivor, I specialize in helping those going through treatment or who have completed treatment and want to live a healthier lifestyle going forward.

What’s new or exciting at your place? I recently completed a book called “Leave Cancer in the Dust: 50 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Supercharge Your Health.” In addition, my story of overcoming breast cancer and starting The Vail Diet was featured in the March issue of Prevention Magazine.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? Most of my competition in the area are nutritionists or dietitians. I differ from them because they focus mainly on the food you eat. As a health coach trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, we do not just focus on what you eat. We also focus on other aspects of your life that might be driving your behavior in negative ways and leading to a life that is not as fulfilling as it could be. These aspects include physical activity, spirituality, career, social life and several more. Many of these also align with the four peaks of The Vail Diet. I only know of one other health coach in the area (although there may be a couple more), and there is plenty of room for all of us. Each of us brings our own unique experience and perspective to the table.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? I respect and honor both my one-on-one clients and the people I am helping through my website. People who come to my site or read my books can expect that I will be as truthful and forthcoming as I can be. My coaching clients can expect that I will give them my full attention during and between our sessions and that I will listen to them with both my ears and my heart open.

Tell us a little about your background, education and experience: I have both an undergraduate and master’s degree in accounting and a background as a CPA and auditor. In 2007, I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. My “a-ha moment” during that time was that life is too short to do something that isn’t fulfilling, so I decided to change careers. After several years of taking classes to get into a (registered dietitian) program, I decided to change course in the spring of 2013 and take a more holistic approach. I enrolled in IIN in July 2013 and will complete my training in July 2014. (I did receive a mid-course certificate in February, with which I can begin coaching clients.) I currently have one foot in both worlds (auditing and health coaching) but hope to make health and wellness my full-time career in the not-too-distant future.

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