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Vail Valley Bizwatch: TPT Racing

Special to the Daily
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyVail Tim Trout and a modified snow bike.

Business name: TPT Racing, LLC.

Owner: Tim Trout.

Contact Info: 970-376-7880, or e-mail

What goods or services do you provide? I like to say we’re providing a way of “going fast and burning gas.” For those adrenaline junkies and motorcycle fanatics like myself, there is now a new, high-tech conversion kit that can take a dirt bike and convert it into a snow bike. The conversion kit that my company, TPT Racing, promotes enables you to enjoy everything you love about biking, only now you can tear it up in the winter, too.

How does the conversion kit work? Explorer is the manufacturer that my company represents and their conversion kit replaces a motorcycle’s wheels with a ski on the front and a track on the rear. This enables the motorcycle to ride on both packed snow and powder.

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Over the last few years technology has finally caught up with the demands of motorcycle lovers to the point where there is now a great product that allows for power and mobility of the bike on snow. With the Explorer conversion, you now have the power and traction for the speed you need and you have the control and balance so you can maneuver through the woods, on trails and in powder conditions.

Why did you get into this business? I have a passion for motorcycles and when this opportunity came knocking I was prepared. I tested the product and was very impressed ” frankly, it was love at first sight! I jumped at the chance to be the dealer for the majority of Colorado for this incredible product. Not only do I love this product because it helps me and others like me to be able to bike year-round, but it is also really exciting to get in on the ground level of a new sport.

What is the next step in your business? When I said I was prepared there were several elements that went into that preparation: I’ve been riding and learning about motorcycles since I was a child ” it’s been my passion, so I understand the product and the other people who share this passion. I also have an extensive background in sales and business, so while this is a sport it is foremost a business that caters to a specific target market.

We’re fortunate to have a product that speaks for itself. I conduct numerous demonstration rides for potential customers and once you get on this machine and try it out, you’re hooked.

How does the future look? People have been trying to make motorcycles go on snow for as long as there have been motorcycles ” that certainly indicates the interest. There is now a product that not only can accommodate this, but it is a product that can perform at a very high level. I anticipate great things ” there are a lot of motorcycle junkies out there.

And, based on the reception we’re receiving, this product is a home run. When I look down the road my goal is to expand the reach of this sport in our community. In the future I want to sponsor kids who are active in racing motocross to provide assistance to them so that they can strive to reach their dreams of racing professionally.

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