Vail Valley business briefs, Feb. 16 |

Vail Valley business briefs, Feb. 16

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A pair of local restaurants are working to reduce their carbon footprint and help nonprofit groups in the valley.In 2007, Larkspur Restaurant in Vail served a record number of bottled waters and the restaurants management team worried the ecological impact these sales were having. After a year long search for a better way, Larkspur now has a choice of house-filtered waters, either still or sparkling. Served in logo-engraved, glass bottles, the restaurant has also developed an eco-friendly system to sanitize, refill and reuse the bottles daily. Larkspur and Restaurant Avondale in the new Westin Riverwalk Resort & Spa both owned by chef Thomas Salamunovich are also coordinating new house-bottled water program with local philanthropic efforts. A portion of sales from the water sold at both restaurants will be donated to a local cause. We are excited to have initiated a program that works to reduce our carbon footprint on both a local and global level. Our guests are extremely supportive of this effort, general manager Rob Sinclair said.During 2008 alone, a portion of sales from the restaurants were given to a local breast cancer awareness group and Share Our Strength, a national charity that fights childhood hunger.This spring, Salamunovichs restaurants will be scheduling a benefit of the month for each of the next 24 months. Interested local non-profit organizations are welcome to apply by March 31.More information about the program is available online only at:

Sera Schools Little Seras Music Program now welcomes children, from four months to five years old. Parents and caregivers can participate, or can drop off children at Little Mozart classes.Little Seras Program exposes children to a variety of traditional, folk, world and popular music with storytelling, dance, games and exposure to real musical instruments. Specialized classes are offered for three different age groups as well as mixed age classes. Sera Schools Little Mozart classes are intended to encourage children to continue to pursue instrument lessons when they are ready. Spanish-speaking classes are also available with the registration of five or more children and Sera Schools offers classes for daycare or childcare facility children as well. Being able to tie music together as a familial experience and celebrate the diversity and fabric of this unique family culture in association with music are not the only benefits to these classes Sera Schools founder Brita Fay said. The research exists to substantiate the claim that music offers many more rewards, such as aiding in the development of logic, reading, abstract thinking, memory, and creativity. For more information on Little Seras Program or how you can help support childrens music education and appreciation in the Vail Valley, e-mail Sera Schools at

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