Vail Valley business technology: Make sure your point-of-sale system is working properly |

Vail Valley business technology: Make sure your point-of-sale system is working properly

Wade Johnson
Vail, CO, Colorado

If you have a point-of-sale system for your Vail Valley business, you know how important it is to keep this system up and running. Here are some of my ideas:

• Make sure you have a battery backup for all your point-of-sale equipment – computer, monitor, receipt printer, credit card machine, etc. Some battery backups have “battery protected” receptacles and “surge protected” receptacles; make sure your equipment is plugged into the “battery protected” receptacles.

• Once you install a battery backup, record the installation date in a visible area on the device. Typically, three years is as long as they last. Your mileage may vary, so you should place a reminder on your calendar to replace your backup or battery.

• If you are planning on purchasing a new computer for your point-of-sale system, consider selecting a computer that offers a “mirrored hard drive.” Mirrored hard drives provide protection from a single hard drive crash. This option is now a lot more affordable than it used to be.

• Only use your point-of-sale system as a cash register. From time to time, you may be inclined to provide additional functionality on your point-of-sale system, like Internet browsing. Having someone browsing the Internet from a point-of-sale system is a not a great idea – the last thing you want is a system infected with a virus, spyware or malware. If you need to provide your employees access to the Internet for guest service functions, there are other options, even if you have limited space.

• Have a spare, fully functional point-of-sale station that can be used if your primary station fails.

• Keep replacement parts on hand. When you have an equipment failure, you want to have spare, working replacement parts. After the failed part is swapped out, you can now order another replacement part without all the stress.

• If your system uses a PC or a Mac, make sure you do regular maintenance tasks, like defragging the hard drives, backups and updates. It is important to schedule a time to do maintenance that will impact your business the least. For example, you don’t want to make any changes right before a busy weekend.

Wade Johnson is the owner of Johnson Technologies. To learn more, go to Wade can be reached at 970-376-1116 or

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