Vail Valley businesses Decypher and Xssentials merge |

Vail Valley businesses Decypher and Xssentials merge

ASPEN — Decypher Technologies and Xssentials recently announce that they have merged.

Decypher Technologies, an IT and networking communications company in the region, has been in business for nearly a decade.

David Daniels, founder of ESC in Aspen, and Mike Thul, founder of Thul Electronics in Vail, merged to form Xssentials on Jan. 1. Both Daniels and Thul wanted to provide a broader scope of services to meet the needs of their clients and said merging with Decypher was a natural next step.

“We are very excited about our future together,” Daniels said. “Having worked with Decypher for over a decade on projects throughout the U.S., we knew that our companies would mesh well. Typically AV and integration companies dabble in networking, and networking companies dabble in AV and integration, but usually neither do both extremely well. By joining forces with Decypher we saw the opportunity to really excel on all fronts and provide the best possible customer experience.”

Farr Shepherd, director of Decypher Technologies, considered the benefits that could come from merging with Xssentials.

“Bringing our companies together will greatly benefit our customers, who would like the convenience of having one company that can handle all of their technical needs,” Shepherd said.

Xssentials is now one of the largest integration companies in the region. For more information, go to or

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