Vail Valley businesses offer convenience by bringing groceries and more right to your door |

Vail Valley businesses offer convenience by bringing groceries and more right to your door

Rosanna Turner
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Derek George stirs his traditional Swiss cheese fondue, which is a combination of cave-aged Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses, melted into white wine and topped with Kirschwasser and finished with a touch of nutmeg. The exact proportions are a family secret.
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In the olden days, the milkman (or woman) would deliver fresh, cold milk to our doors almost daily. Now, in our modern technologically-advanced world, the idea of having someone stop by our house with exactly what we need feels like a luxury we could only dream of. Well, it’s time to wake up, as there are quite a few local delivery services you can now call on to come to your rescue. Especially in the winter, when the roads can get icy and you’d rather be spending your time having fun instead of on an endless errand run, these delivery companies provide a welcome convenience to both locals and visitors. There may not be such a thing as a milkman anymore, but here in Eagle County you can get almost anything delivered, from baby equipment to fondue. Stay home, curl up by the fire and let someone else run the errands for once.


If you’ve rented a condo for the week or are simply just too tired to trek to the store, then grocery delivery can save you from having to argue in the aisles with your family members about whether to buy the regular or double-stuffed Oreos. Skip the store and try one of these grocery deliveries instead:

Resort Delivery in Vail Village offers same-day delivery from the early morning until 10 p.m. from East Vail to Cordillera, and even Aspen and Snowmass if needed. Typically they can get your food to you within the hour. If you’re coming into town, you can also have your groceries delivered the day you arrive. They also do luggage pickup from the airport if needed. Delivery charge is $35 plus 25 percent of the grocery order. Order online at or call 970-845-8216.

Home Shop at City Market in Avon will deliver to anywhere in town, Beaver Creek or Edwards for a flat rate of $19.99 plus 10 percent of the order. Delivery charges increase for farther distances. Orders placed before 11 a.m. will be delivered that day, after 11 a.m. for the next day. You can also submit orders online at

Freshies Organic Market in Edwards delivers in town for free and charges $10 to deliver to Vail or Beaver Creek. No minimum for delivery. Call 970-926-8622 to order.

For food delivery, many restaurants located from East Vail to Edwards partner with A La Car. To see their menus, visit To place an order, call 970-949-4000.


Especially around the holidays, alcohol is something you won’t want to run out of. If you do, then plenty of local liquor stores and wine shops will deliver right to the party. Riverwalk Wine & Spirits in Edwards offers free delivery with a $100 minimum to anywhere in the valley. They also do customized gift baskets you can send to someone else. Wine specialist Jarrett Osborn said bourbons are really hot right now, as are large-bottle craft beers like Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale. If you’re trying to find something to sip for your next soiree, Osborn recommends wine from the Rhone region in southern France.

“You can get a Cotes du Rhone for $13,” Osborn said. “It’s the best value in red wines right now and it’s one of the best wines out there.”

For sparkling wines, Osborn suggests a Moutard Champagne rose.

“(They) have an extra berry flavor but are still nice and crisp and dry,” Osborn said. “They go really well with ham.”

In addition to Riverwalk Wine & Spirits, some other places that offer free delivery are West Vail Liquor Mart, Lionshead Liquor Store, Grappa Fine Wines & Spirits, Vail Fine Wines, Village Warehouse Wines and Avon Liquor. Minimum prices for orders vary, but typically range from $50 to $100. It’s best to call the store closest to where you’re staying to get the best price and fastest delivery.


It’s hard enough to carry a baby around all day. Add to this the hassle of having to bring a crib or a stroller with you on vacation, and you might just decide to stay home and watch “Finding Nemo” for the 500th time. Luckily for parents, Travel Vail Baby provides all types of baby equipment so you don’t have to lug anything on the plane or pack it into an already-full car. Owner Daniela Demeillac started her company three years ago after realizing how hard it was to travel with her own child.

“It’s just easier to walk into a hotel or private residence and everything is there for you,” Demeillac said. “When you’ve been on a plane with a crying baby for a few hours, you appreciate it very much.”

Demeillac said while many hotels and resorts will provide things like a Pack n’ Play, parents with small children often need things like strollers, car seats, high chairs and even toys.

“They love the convenience,” Demeillac said. “They love the brands that we use; most of the time it’s the same brands they have at home. We offer them a full-sized crib; the baby sleeps a lot better and everybody is happy.”

Travel Vail Baby charges by the equipment and offers daily and weekly rental rates. Strollers are $18 a day; cribs are $15. Delivery is $25 for both drop-off and pick-up. Demeillac said orders fill up quickly during the winter season and around holidays so it’s best to call in advance once you know your travel plans. To book, call 970-390-4859 or visit


One may not necessarily need fondue, but it sure is a fun option to consider for your next get together. Fondue At Home will bring the party to you, providing everything you need for a fabulous cheese or chocolate fondue spread, including wine. Derek George, owner of Fondue At Home, started the service last year and said so far he’s gotten nothing but positive feedback.

“People love the concept of it,” George said. “They love the fact that they don’t have to drive anywhere.”

George asks for a 24-hour advance notice and will deliver from East Vail to Eagle. $50 per person for three courses with wine, $35 per person for just cheese fondue, two-person minimum. For more information on Fondue At Home, visit or call 844-4-FONDUE.


Mountain Mail Delivery is your own personal post office concierge. Not only will they pick up your mail from your P.O. Box and drop it off at your house or business, they’ll also send out your packages instead of having to pay for a FedEx or UPS pickup. Nathan DeWindt started Mountain Mail Delivery this past spring when he noticed how time-consuming these tasks could be. While DeWindt said most of his clients are small business owners and the resort industry, he’s also picked up new customers while on the job.

“People will say, ‘wait, so if I hire you, you’ll stand in line for me?’” DeWindt said. “I’ve signed up five to six people in the post office before.”

Residential delivery is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for $45 a month. Small business delivery is Mondays through Fridays for $60 a month. Delivery for hotels and resorts is Mondays through Fridays for $100 a month. Right now, Mountain Mail Delivery is offering a free one-month trial for those who want to try out their service. To sign up, visit http://www.mountainmail or call 970-460-6245.

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