Vail Valley Cares hands out $200,000 |

Vail Valley Cares hands out $200,000

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn Pope/Vail DailyRecipients of donations from Vail Valley Cares.

VAIL Christmas came early to 27 charities last week.In the community room beneath the Vail Chapel, the aura was magical and energized. Folks representing those 27 charities gathered to receive a giant check for each of their organizations, and all they had to do was ask.It wasnt chump change, either.

Jeff Apps, president of the board of Vail Valley Cares, and Executive Director Greg Osteen, handed out just shy of $200,000 to the charities. The money was raised through the Thrifty Shoppes that Vail Valley Cares operates in Edwards and Eagle.Theresa Schuette, board president of Court Appointed Special Advocates, said this money will help their mission advocating for abused and neglected kids,This past year, we helped 52 children with the use of 25 volunteer advocates, she said. This money will really help us out.Osteen compared the give-a-way to the story in the Bible of the loaves and fishes.

We gave out a lot of money, divided up, and there was still a lot left over, he said. Its amazing we sell $3 T-shirts and it turns into $196,000. We dont know how we do it.The organization opened a second store this past year in Eagle, which has been a big success. Our staff is so good, Osteen said. We closed the Edwards store on Saturday and reopened on Monday with both stores, and were bringing in $500 more per day because of the staff. He thanked the staff, headed up by manager Elizabeth Myers, and gave them all $100 gift certificates to Glenwood pool.We do what we do because people give away things they dont want, Apps said. Who received all this money? Food pantries, counseling services, groups that help kids who cant afford health care or dental exams, outdoor education organizations and agencies involved in pregnancy planning, among others.This community is amazing, said Bev Christiansen, executive director of the Resource Center. All you have to do is talk and open your heart.For more information on Vail Valley Cares, contact Greg Osteen at 926-9444.

Theresa Schuette, board president of Court Appointed Special Advocates, and Kathy Reed, executive director.

Vail Valley Cares Executive Director Greg Osteen and board president Jeff Apps.

Narda Reigel (Buddy Mentors) and Bev Christiansen (Resource Center).

Tab Bonidy and Bill Nutkins of TAB Associates receive an award for their architectural services at the new Thrifty Shoppe.Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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