Vail Valley: Charge up your personal energy engine |

Vail Valley: Charge up your personal energy engine

Michael Norton
Vail, CO, Colorado

During a recent coaching session with one of my clients ” let’s call him Bill ” he shared with me something he has been doing for a while that helps him maintain an optimistic approach to life. Get this ” whenever the gas gauge on his car goes below full, he immediately fills his tank.

He explained that it is not because he feels like he needs the fuel at that very moment, he said it is simply a constant reminder that his outlook on life is always a “glass half full” point of view and he strives to fill it completely. He becomes aware that sometimes his personal energy engine gets down to about half full and he needs to refill his tank.

How is your energy engine doing? How are you re-energizing your attitude and outlook on a daily basis?

Here is a quick list of ideas that I have collected recently through conversations with high-performing individuals and how they go about staying energized:

– Exercise: Take time for a good workout, hike, cycle, or walk.

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– Read Good Books: Look for biographies as well as business, personal growth and faith-based titles.

– Network: Reach out to others and learn from successful people.

– Give back: Volunteer your time for mentoring or other service. Give financial gifts if you’re able.

– Spend quality time with family and friends: The Key word here is “quality” ” turn off the phones and PDAs.

– Take some T.I.M.E. ” To Inspire ME. A little down time can go a long way toward recharging your batteries.

– Write: Keep a journal or try your hand at creative writing to capture new ideas and random thoughts.

– Try something new: Stretch yourself and continue to grow. Seek out additional responsibilities.

– Love deeper: How often should you tell your spouse “I love you”? Before someone else does.

– Avoid procrastination: Adopt a do it now attitude!

No matter where you are on your journey in life, we can all use a little recharging from time to time. Whether you feel like you are winning the race, close to the front, middle of the pack, or picking up the rear, you are still in the game. It is not how we start but how we finish that counts. And Zig Ziglar says it this way: “You do not have to be great in order to start, but you do have to start in order to be great!”

The important thing to note is that your own personal energy engine doesn’t only have to be filled by you. Others can contribute, too. Did you ever see someone engaging in an activity and you resolved at that very moment to get busy too? You were energized. Did you ever see a 5-year-old child looking in awe at something you might have taken for granted, like the mountains or fireworks? Looking at those sights with a child’s eyes fills us with hope, new passion and energy.

And when family, friends, co-workers or even a supervisor gives us an approving smile or compliment, we add a little bounce to our ounce and pep to our step.

What are you waiting for? Find that source of energy and passion and get busy today. Let me know what recharges your batteries and positive outlook in life at Make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach, and motivational speaker and is once again serving as the Interim President of the Zig Ziglar Organization. He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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