Vail Valley: Colorado Mountain College offers tech for small business class |

Vail Valley: Colorado Mountain College offers tech for small business class

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Vail, CO, Colorado

While many small businesses are struggling with the economic climate, Vail Valley small business owner and information technology expert David Dempsey says there are opportunities for small business people to save money and boost their revenue with technology.

Dempsey, president of Eagle County-based consulting firm Managed Data, will teach “Intro to Information Technology for Small Business” this fall at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. Dempsey created the evening course in conjunction with the college to help small business people who are looking for ways to streamline their operations learn about the technological options that are available to them.

The course takes place in October and will be offered as a five-session series for $220. Students may also register for courses individually for $50 each.

“I really wanted to educate small business people about technology, how to work with it as a tool, instead of it being a costly burden,” Dempsey said. “I also wanted to focus on the decision-making and planning process, bidding out projects, and how to work with outsiders when you need help. Often, it is the decision making process that causes problems, not the technology itself.”

The course series includes the following seminars:

Intro/Saving Money: What are some ways we can keep costs down and leverage it to help us save money? This class will act as an introduction to some general concepts and terms and explore options that help businesses save money.

Minimizing Loss: Technology can help you reduce business risk, but it can also open doors for potential business disasters. This class will focus on how to minimize liability and exposure to loss from information systems.

Workforce Productivity: Businesses have cut back on staffing. This discussion will show you ways to get the most out of limited resources.

Working with Techs: Every business needs someone knowledgeable and dependable to act as the resident techie. In this seminar we will discuss in-house vs. outsourced tech, how to work with tech people, how to choose an expert and other topics.

The Ultimate Office: While the other topics are more conceptual, this seminar will look at some situations and how technology could be used to streamline business operations. This will be a more hands-on way for students to apply the other topics to real-world business situations.

To learn more, call the Colorado Mountain College Vail-Eagle Valley Campus, 970-569-2900 and reference the BUS 901 courses.

For more information on Managed Data or the CMC course, call Dempsey, 970-328-1699, extension 7000, or e-mail

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