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Vail Valley: Cultivating spiritual community

Caramie Schnell
Vail Valley, Co Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado “-The fourth and final installment of Vail Valley’s Spiritual Cinema takes place at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards tonight. Rather than a handful of short films, one feature film, “Taos,” will be shown. The 89-minute movie focuses on a man whose car breaks down and strands him in Taos, New Mexico. He takes the opportunity to reflect on his life.

“This month’s film asks us to take a look at whether we are doing what is best in our lives,” said Catherine Zeeb, a local therapist and Vail Daily columnist who started the monthly gathering. “Are we doing what we truly want in life? Are we following our path and not that of someone else?”

Zeeb started the free event with the goal of developing and nurturing a spiritual community in Eagle County.

“Offering Spiritual Cinema, for me, was a way to bring people together ” the seekers and the questioners ” to offer them an avenue to meet others who seek and question,” she said. “(It’s) a fun hour filled with hope and inspiration, hopefully giving people something to think about in their own lives ” how they deal with situations, where they may be judgmental, how they can examine their own states of being.”

Though this is the last Spiritual Cinema of the season, Zeeb said she hopes to start it back up again at the end of the summer when she’ll have a plethora of new movies to choose from.

Zeeb, owner of Bohemian Wisdom, gets the movies monthly from Spiritual Cinema Circle ( The Louisville-based company distributes inspirational films that often never make it to wide release.

Arielle Ford, one of the founding partners of Spiritual Cinema Circle, said that for $21 a month, subscribers get a DVD with four movies, generally two short films, a documentary and a feature film. It’s fairly common for subscribers to show the films in small group settings. Though the company no longer keeps track of such statistics, at one time they had “200 small community groups that would watch the films together and have discussions,” Ford said.

The company has an “acquisition team” that travels to film festivals around the world to find the movies, Ford said. And 90 percent of the time they are films that haven’t been released in theaters.

“It’s movies about inspiration, love, hope, compassion,” Ford said. “Basically movies that make you feel better about being a human being after you’ve watched them.”

Spiritual Cinema is a free event with a suggested donation of a canned food item or unopened food product, which will be donated to the Salvation Army. Each month attendees have brought in more than three boxes of donations, Zeeb said.

“This is the community’s opportunity to come together to create spiritual community. Come meet other spiritual seekers,” Zeeb said.

Call Zeeb at 970-376-6660 with questions.

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