Vail Valley DA may try again for term extension in 2010 |

Vail Valley DA may try again for term extension in 2010

Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, whose jurisdiction includes the Vail Valley, may try to get a term extension for his office on the 2010 election ballot after Lake County Commissioners halted efforts aimed for this November.

Hurlbert needs support from leaders of all four counties in the 5th Judicial District (Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, Summit) to get the option of a third, four-year term before voters.

While his colleagues in three other districts succeeded in getting the item on their ballots, Hurlbert did not have Lake County’s support.

Lake County commissioners said a lack of personal connection combined with statements from residents against the extension led to their decision. Hurlbert said Tuesday he’ll try again next year “if I feel like I can get their support.”

“Certainly the last year or two I submitted my budget but have not gone up there to talk to them about it,” he said. “I’ll do that in the future.”

Hurlbert said he was concerned people might have misunderstood that the extension applies to the office in general and not just its existing occupant.

“It seems like people think it’s just for me and just one term, and that’s not true,” he said.

Asked whether he would run again if he had the chance, Hurlbert said he hasn’t decided. If the option’s available, he said he’d probably decide a year or two before his term ends.

Under the existing law, Hurlbert can serve as DA until 2012.

Colorado is the only state to hold its DAs to two, four-year terms. Districts elsewhere, including Denver and Weld counties, have established three-term limits through elections, and Pueblo’s district attorney has no term limit.

“Ultimately what I’m trying to do here is just get it to the people,” Hurlbert said.

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