Vail Valley: DA’s term won’t be extended |

Vail Valley: DA’s term won’t be extended

Robert Allen
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Lake County commissioners put the kibosh on 5th District Attorney Mark Hurlbert’s aim to let voters decide whether to extend his office’s term limits from eight to 12 years.

While commissioners in Summit, Eagle and Clear Creek counties favored the ballot item, it took only one of the 5th Judicial District’s coun-ties to negate the vote.

Lake County Commissioner Mike Bordogna said numerous residents attended a meeting in August to argue that ” term limits serve a very good purpose.” Colorado is the only state to hold its DAs to two four-year terms.

Hurlbert is out of the office this week and was unavailable for com-ment. He previously said the extended term limits were justified because the job has become more complex. A longer version of this story can be found at

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