Vail Valley designers talk home décor |

Vail Valley designers talk home décor

Bright colors in your home, illustrated here in a project by Kasia Karska Design, can uplift your mood.
Kasia Karska Design/Courtesy photo

The holidays give us an excuse to dazzle our home with lights and sparkles, but once we pack up the décor for another year, we’re still left with winter, which can cause a bit of the blues — particularly if we haven’t had enough bluebird powder days. True spring is still a ways away in our mountain region, but there are plenty of ways to uplift your mood by freshening up your home.

Kelly Newman, owner of 714 Home in Edwards, encourages people to take time to decompress, reflect and refresh.

“Decluttering and organizing can be therapeutic and improve your mental health,” she said. “If your home feels cluttered, your mind can feel cluttered.”

First, take a look at your home — this can be especially good to do after a day out on the mountain or a weekend trip, which can provide a fresh interpretation. How does each room make you feel when you walk into it? Does it make you feel joyful and warm or overwhelmed and blah?

“After all, taking care of your home is a form of self-care.” Kelly Newman, owner 714 Home

“Our home environment can positively affect our lives. Surroundings have an impact on our senses and emotions. For example, textures, style, pattern and comfort influence our mood,” Newman said. “What makes you feel comfortable? Soft textures? Transitional, contemporary or mountain chic style? Simple or bold patterns? Color plays a huge role in our comfort at home.”

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Every color, texture and item in your home adds to more uplifting, or more draining, feelings. Warm tones like reds energize, while cool colors like blue and purple lend a sense of relaxation. Neutral colors like brown can feel grounding, while white can add a clean, sleek look.

“There’s a lot you can do with color. We’ve gone through beiges and taupes in the 1980s and ’90s, then grays, and now any shade of light white is uplifting. I like Solstice by Sherwin-Williams; it’s off white but it’s so intriguing and deep and bright,” said Kasia Karska, owner of Kasia Karska Design in Eagle, adding that hot new spring colors this year include chartreuse, teal and lemongrass.

Soft textures, from throw pillows to blankets, promote snuggly feelings throughout the winter, and placing new artwork in your home can awaken the senses.

In fact, as you refresh your home, think about all five senses, Karska says. Decluttering goes a long way visually, as do fresh flowers.

“Put flowers in your monthly budget; they always make you smile,” she said.

Scented candles like citrus also help uplift the mood; one of Karska’s current favorites is “Happy Camper.” She also likes the delicate incense by Japanese company Nippon Kodo. To activate the sense of hearing, she recommends playing music, and even leaving soft music on while you run errands, so you return home to welcoming sounds.

Of course, refreshing your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

“It can be as simple as re-arranging furniture in a room, even if it is only one or two pieces,” Newman said. “Changing the placement of a table or a chair can improve the flow of the room.”

“Rearranging things always brings a new energy to the room,” Karska says.

Other easy and cost-effective ways to spruce up a space include new paint, whether it is the whole room or just an accent wall, or even painting kitchen cabinetry teal.

“A few new pillows can make a couch or chair feel new. Changing up photo frames and updating the pictures in those frames is an easy update. A new candle with a fresh scent can make the house feel homey,” Newman said.

And, after the glitz and glamour of the holidays, earthy elements are always a solid way to go.

“Earthy elements will be strong in 2023 because nature nourishes the soul with calming neutral colors and interesting shapes,” Newman said. “Think woven baskets, branches, crystals, wood vases, just to name a few. Plants scattered around the home can bring tranquility to one’s space.

“Reinvigorate and nourish your spirit and mind with what makes you smile, gives you new strength and energy and provides peace and harmony within your soul. Start at home. After all, taking care of your home is a form of self-care.” 

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