Vail Valley dining: Asian Spice Bistro coming soon |

Vail Valley dining: Asian Spice Bistro coming soon

Kelly Brinkerhoff
Vail Daily Correspondent
Special to the Vail Daily/Kelly BrinkerhoffVail Valley dining: Asian Spice Bistro, located in the old Matthew's space in Edwards, is set to open mid-October. Kelly Yeap, pictured here, will manage the restaurant along with her husband, Executive Chef Long Foong.

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Asian food lovers in Colorado’s Vail Valley rejoice! The Asian Spice Bistro, a new restaurant opening mid October in the old Matthew’s space in Edwards, will feature an authentic array of Malaysian and Thai food that represents Southeast Asian cuisine.

The restaurant concept “is the melting pot of cultures you find in Malaysia,” said restaurant manager Kelly Yeap. “People want the variety of southeast Asian flavors now, instead of traditional Chinese food. If you go to Malaysia, you will find Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian influences in the food there.”

With the help of friends and investors from China, Yeap and her husband, Long Foong, the head chef of the eatery, are opening the restaurant they’ve been dreaming about. Chef Foong has more than 20 years of experience cooking Asian food in China, in Singapore at the Sheraton, and in New York City at the well-known Penang, a restaurant that specializes in Malaysian food.

The Asian Spice Bistro menu is a testament to Chef Foong’s extensive travels in Southeast Asia.

“Through his experience living and working in Malaysia, Chef Foong has accumulated authentic Malay recipes passed down through generations,” Yeap said. “The chef makes his own homemade curries and spice mixtures.”

The menu will include some classic Mandarin Chinese fare, such as sweet and sour pork and beef with broccoli, but overall the menu will be dominated by traditional Malay specialties like panang curry noodles, classic pad Thai, beef rendang, Singapore shrimp, Thai satay, and tom yum kung soup to name a few. Expect traditional Asian ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, tamarind, turmeric, saffron and coconut milk in many of the dishes.

Yeap said the price point will be reasonable: lunch items like Thai chicken curry and Vietnamese pho noodle bowl will cost between $8 and $10 and dinner entrees will be priced from $15 to $18.

The husband-and-wife team hope that Asian Spice Bistro will bring an authentic taste of Malaysia to the Vail Valley. The restaurant will have a full bar with a separate dining area and will be open for lunch and dinner. The eatery is scheduled to open Oct. 18 and is located at 69 Edwards Access Road, #6. Contact Yeap at 970-926-6628 for more information.

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