Vail Valley: ECO Trails Committee names 2009 trail supporters |

Vail Valley: ECO Trails Committee names 2009 trail supporters

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Bill Fisher, the Edwards Metropolitan District Board, the Eagle-Vail Trail Committee, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Eagle County Commissioners have been selected as 2009’s Trail Supporter Award honorees by the ECO Trails Committee in Colorado’s Vail Valley. The awards are made annually for exceptional contributions to the regional trail system and local transportation system for the benefit of bicyclists and pedestrians.

• Bill Fisher of Gypsum has been a member of the trails committee since July 1997 and is one of the original committee members.

“Bill’s an anchor member of the committee and enthusiastically advocates for trail improvements in the west end of the valley while also supporting the big picture of a trail system the entire length of the county,” said committee chairwoman Rachel Friede. “We wanted to thank him for his substantial commitment over the years as well as his ideas, viewpoints and actions that he contributes to the committee’s work. He is an invaluable member of the group.”

• The Edwards Metropolitan District Board was selected because of its members’ commitment to the maintenance and quality of the regional trail experience as it travels through Edwards.

“The Edwards Metro District Board has always been a sponsor of the county portion of the regional trail and has been a partner to ECO Trails for over 10 years,” said Friede.

This year the board provided funding for routine maintenance and a pavement overlay of the Edwards section of the regional trail.

• The Eagle-Vail Trail Committee is headed up by Paul Hields of Eagle-Vail. The group has recently completed a two-mile trail across the south side forest flank above Eagle-Vail . The project required two years of planning, fundraising, agency coordination and volunteer organizing.

“Some work at trail entrances remains to be done, but it’s open and usable,” Hields said. “And it could not have been done without all the volunteers and Jeff Thompson of the U.S. Forest Service.”

The trail runs across land owned by the Eagle-Vail Metro District and U. S. Forest Service.

• The Colorado Department of Transportation and Eagle County Commissioners were selected to receive a joint award for their partnership to improve Highway 6 between Edwards and Eagle. Shoulders and a pavement overlay were built over two miles in 2008 east of Eagle, and an additional 6 miles of shoulder and new asphalt was completed in 2009 between Edwards and Wolcott.

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