Vail Valley: Edwards clothing store celebrating 10th anniversary |

Vail Valley: Edwards clothing store celebrating 10th anniversary

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado
Scott N. Miller/smiller@vaildaily.comRaymond, left, and Faith Bleesz have owned Brush Creek Dry Goods for 10 years.

There wasn’t much going on at the Vail Valley’s Edwards Riverwalk center when Raymond and Faith Bleesz opened Brush Creek Dry Goods in 1999. In fact, the couple opened one of the first stores there.

We all know what’s happened in Edwards over the last decade, but Brush Creek Dry Goods is still doing what the Bleeszes wanted to do when they opened the shop – sell fashionable, affordable clothing. They sat down recently to answer a few questions.

What’s been the biggest surprise about your store over the last decade?

Faith Bleesz: The biggest surprise is our success – it’s been greater than our expectations.

Raymond Bleesz: I’d say it’s the continuity in our look and lines. We’re still selling the same type of fashion we did when we opened – a range of mountain casual clothing.

What would you like this store to look like 10 years from now?

Raymond: We may not be here in another 10 years – I’m 65 now. If we were 10 years younger…

OK then, if the store changes hands, what would you hope the next owners might do?

Faith: I’d hope the store might have a little more upscale appearance. There are always things you’d like to do – you’re never finished. We’re always trying to improve what we have.

The economic slump has hit everyone in the valley. How have you been affected and how have you adjusted?

Faith: We just don’t have the traffic we used to. People are holding back, and looking for lower-priced sale items. We’ve needed to be careful about inventory.

Raymond: We’ve cut back on our inventory and our staff, but we’re still focused on service, and you can’t really tell about the inventory.

Faith: We’re doing whatever we can to get by and still provide what people are looking for.

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