Vail Valley: Finis Boni hosts ‘Live for Balance’ retreats |

Vail Valley: Finis Boni hosts ‘Live for Balance’ retreats

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Vail, CO, Colorado

Finis Boni will offer two sessions of “The Art of Self Awareness.”

All all-day session Dec. 4 is $125. A second session, split between Dec. 4 and 5 is either $195 or $285 with a one-night hotel stay.

According to a release from Finis Boni, the retreat “offers a unique opportunity to get to know yourself better, while developing tools and skills to support yourself, just in time for the holidays.

Session leaders include psychotherapist Tim Sullivan, Dr. Alfred Bamberger and holistic health counselor Liz Ziegler. The sessions will also include yoga and pilates classes and mini-treatments of acupuncture, private pilates or yoga and one-on-one psychotherapy.

To learn more, call 970-926-9060 or go to

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