Vail Valley Habitat for Humanity completes successful eight-day Blitz Build |

Vail Valley Habitat for Humanity completes successful eight-day Blitz Build

Vail Valley Habitat for Humanity's Blitz Build raised four homes in eight days. Along the way, Guy Ayrault, Elyse Howard, Mac Nichols and a host of others move a wall into place. There's still work to be done, and they still need volunteers to complete the interiors.
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Habitat Vail Valley Blitz Build by the numbers

8 days

217 volunteers

6,053 volunteer hours

800 lunches

864 gallons of water consumed

32 windows and 12 doors installed

80 SIPS raised

4,820 total square footage built

4 grateful Habitat Vail Valley partner families

Vail Valley Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent, affordable homes in partnership with local families in need. They’re accepting applications for partner families. For more information or to donate or volunteer visit, or call 970-748-6718.

For more info on the Blitz Home Builders group, visit

GYPSUM — At the end of a workday, Habitat for Humanity volunteers all have one thing in common.

They take a long look at the work they’ve been doing and, dirty and tired, they smile and say, “I helped do that today.”

Multiply that sense of satisfaction times eight, and you have some idea how good it felt when Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley completed its Blitz Build.

Four homes in eight days, built in Gypsum’s Stratton Flats neighborhood, by 217 volunteers from 17 states who put in 6,053 hours.

“The end result is the biggest benefit of all, a safe, decent, affordable place to call home,” said Elyse Howard, development director for Habitat Vail Valley.

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Blitz Home Builders is a group of volunteers from across the country, who accounted for nearly a third of the event’s total number of volunteers. They decide where they’re going to take their working vacations, and this year it was here.

“The group has become like family to me,” said Tracy Lemieux-Bartz, a volunteer with Blitz Home Builders from Arizona. “Every year when we do this it is like a family reunion. You get to see people from across the country and get to know them, and they’re people that never would have met initially.”

For the Blitz Build, Beck Build Company provided daily leadership.

The Blitz Build was part of Vail Valley Habitat for Humanity’s 20th anniversary celebration. In those two decades they’ve built 55 homes in Eagle and Lake counties, and housed more than 200 children.

Still work to do

There’s still work to be done, and you still have lots of opportunities to volunteer.

The interiors still need to be completed on the four Blitz homes, and two additional homes will be built before the end of the construction year. They’re out there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Helping hands

Habitat for Humanity is not a handout, it’s a hand up.

Partner families are required to work hundreds of hours building their new homes, and are expected to help others. All partner families complete money management and homeowner classes, and then purchase their homes with zero-interest loans.

“Typically Habitat builds six units over the course of one year,” said Adam Jorck, construction supervisor for Habitat Vail Valley. “During the Blitz we completed six to eight months of construction, on four units, in only eight days.”

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