Vail Valley helps builder with cancer |

Vail Valley helps builder with cancer

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VAIL VALLEY, Colorado An Eagle builder whose driveway is crumbling is getting a new one from the Vail Valley, Colorado community. In January, Coleman Wise, a project manager of Vail Valley developer R.A. Nelson, was diagnosed with stage lymphoma. He had a series of intensive chemotherapy treatments in Denver and is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in June. A successful fundraiser was held earlier this year to help defray the mounting medical bills. But as any family dealing with cancer knows, there’s a lot more to get your arms around than just the disease. That honey do list takes a back burner in fact, it doesn’t exist.When Coleman’s mother and son fell yet again on the Wises crumbling driveway, Coleman, who has lived in the valley for 15 years, called to ask R.A. Nelson’s Paul Burbidge a simple question, How can I keep my driveway from falling apart anymore? Burbidge, Coleman’s co-worker and a senior superintendent with the company for the, went over to assess the situation and recognized a real and practical way to help. I think it’s true of anyone with a friend or loved one battling cancer you want to help in anyway you can, Burbidge said. We’re just lucky that we found something that matched our skill set to one of Coleman’s needs.Once Burbidge discovered what bad shape the driveway was in, he called in the troops. Spiegel Construction, B&B Excavating, 2SM Construction, LaFarge, Gallegos, Eagle Valley Temps and R.A. Nelson have are donating time, materials, equipment and labor to rip up the decaying driveway and pour a new one.When we found out there was a way we could help Coleman, Maxine and Jamis, we jumped at the opportunity, said Caroline Leonardo, owner of Eagle Valley Temps said. You couldn’t find a nicer family.The old concrete was removed and hauled out and the new drive was formed and graded late last week. New concrete will be poured on Tuesday starting at 10:30am. Before the week is out, the Wise family will be the proud owners of a safe, new driveway.

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