Vail Valley: Hunting for treasure and adventure |

Vail Valley: Hunting for treasure and adventure

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Special to the Vail DailyTravel adventurer, Kirsten Gum, adds Vail to her many travel excursions.- She-elite ranks of adventurers during the 2010-Vail Symposium Unlimited Adventure Series.

VAIL – For Kirsten Gum, who will be in Vail Thursday, travel is not her 12 days paid annual vacation-it is her job.-A famed broadcast journalist whose work has covered topics ranging from world class sporting events-including World Cup Skiing-to her present gig as a “treasure hunter” for the Travel Channel, Gum has not only established herself as a charismatic on-screen show host, but also as an environmentally aware adventurer.-“We were so pleased that Kirsten agreed to be a part of our adventure in Vail this winter,” Vail Symposium Executive Director said.

Gum began her career after graduating from the University of Washington’s Broadcast Journalism and Political Science schools. Starting as a one-woman broadcast team in Jefferson, Missouri, her work eventually landed her a position as the main anchor for a local news station in Charlotte, North Carolina.- After being voted a member of Charlotte’s Best News Anchor Team, as well as winning the title, “Sexiest Woman in Charlotte,” Gum went on to join the Fox News team as a host for the show, “Totally NASCAR.”-

During her foray in the world of sports broadcasting, she was asked to cover the Tour de France for OLN and became the first-ever female studio host for the event.- Her successful coverage landed her the gig for the following two years, and allowed her the honor of covering Lance Armstrong’s 5th, 6th, and 7th wins.- –

Most notable however, is her recent work as the host of the Travel Channel’s “Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum,” and “Cash and Treasure.” In filming, she has traveled to 6 continents in search of jewels, fossils, or lost relics, work that almost always requires some extreme adventure-think repelling cliffs, diving with sharks, or climbing mountains.

Both a skier and a snowboarder, Gum believes in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her latest mission is to protect the environment by living green acting sustainably. Admittedly, travel is often the least green thing we can do.- Kirsten’s solution? Wear dirty clothes into the shower to wash them.- “It works-I do it often! It saves water, time and the effort to hunt for money to put in the washing machine.”-

Join the Vail Symposium and the Town of Vail’s Public Library in welcoming Kirstin Gum to the stage of the Unlimited Adventure Series this Thursday, March 4th at the Donovan Pavilion at 6pm.- Following the lecture, guests are invited for drinks, appetizers and a discussion with Gum at the Tap Room with a $5 donation.- Next week, the Adventure Series concludes with adventure film producer, Les Guthman.

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What: Vail Symposium’s Unlimited Adventure Series with Treasure Hunter Kirsten Gum.

When: 6 p.m. Thursday

Where: Donovan Pavilion, Vail.

Cost: Free.